Weekly Recap: January Book & More Home Updates

Started the week off by finishing my book for January. I read the book The Girl I Was by Jevena Rose. It was an easy read and not a bad book.

I really like the air fried eggplant with some marinara sauce and a wedge of laughing cow cheese melted into it. Its yummy πŸ˜‹ I prepped this on Sunday for the work week. Will have to make this again.

A coworker bought in some tea that they did not like so they gave it to me! Its lemon zinger and I think it is delicious! I’ve been enjoying a cup at night with my chocolate treat. I allow myself a little chocolate square as a treat once a day if I have the points. I love chocolate 🍫😍

I think I mentioned this before but my husband and I are only eating out once a month. We have our dinner planned for February and we are using Valentines Day as our event that month. March is also planned now! We went to see the nutcracker ballet a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I love ballet and my husband loves classical music. So for March we got tickets to see Sleeping Beauty and we plan to have dinner out the same day.

I really like the brand Lancome and I love the Idole line. I wear the perfume daily and use the mascara. I was in needd of a new mascara and when I went online I saw the price went up. It was already pricey but now its even worse. I was attempting to look and see if I can find it cheaper and came across a deal at Kohls Sephora. They currently have a gift set deal where you get a mascara, primer and eye liner for cheaper then the mascara price alone. So I went after work and picked it up.

Update: Not a fan of the primer but I’ll use it because I paid for it.

Friday I went to a barre class, cleaned the house and did laundry. I haven’t cleaned our home in over two weeks which is bad for me. I also went to the dentist…I swear I am always there.

And….just like that eating out once this month went out the door. I was literally just talking about this πŸ’€πŸ€‘ my husband went out after work to celebrate someones retirement. He got home later then normal and we didn’t know what to cook so we grabbed dinner out. I ate a salad and some cheese fries. I did not count the meal at all either on weight watchers. We are winning here folks ☠ but in all seriousness it is not a big deal. Back on it tomorrow. So this month we will have eatten out twice. Not as planned but not bad.

This weekend I finished the pillow I was working on. I like the way it turned out. I love this crochet pattern. It looks great on any project.

We went to target this weekend for some random groceries and I found this 13 piece utensil set for $30. I really like the wood handles with the silicone tops. We had a bunch of miss matched pieces so I tossed them and now they all match. We are slowly working on getting our kitchen in order.

Update: Before I finished this blog post my husband ruined one of the spoons πŸ™ƒ he melted it….so yeah…we are gonna replace it but also get some all wood spoons that we can use for higher heat.

Sunday I did my normal meal prepping. I made some more air crisped eggplant and also some chickpeas. I love to add the chickpeas to salad or snack on them by themselves.

I ordered a tree hall and that came in on Sunday afternoon so we put that together. It was really simple. I wanted one to have more space for shoes, coats and accessories. My plan was to have it by out front door but that did not work because of a floor vent. So now its in this corner. I like it. I do need to slow down on buying home items. So besides what we need to get to finish our kitchen cabinets and island I’m gonna chill with the spending. I did make a crochet hanging basket for the tree hall also from yarn I already own.

Weekly Recap: Home Updates, Birthday Celebrations, New Stethoscope

May my beautiful rose gold and white stethoscope rest in piece. Yes, I am being dramatic. My husband purchased this for me years ago because I fell in love the color. This week my tubing cracked. Thankfully, I still have old faithful πŸ₯΄ my very first ever stethoscope. And she still works like a charm. I’ve had this Littman classic II for about 15 years! About a year ago I wiped it down with Armour All and put it in storage. Well, the Armour All worked like a charm because the tubing is now super soft and pliable. I am going to try and break my tendency to wear my stethoscope around my neck because it hardens the tubing. I did place an order for a new MDF One black on black color so I can put old faithful back away.

The week was pretty uneventful besides my stethoscope breaking. I was honestly pretty cranky all week so that was not fun.

Friday night my husband and I relaxed with some wine, popcorn and a movie. Of course, we also got into our hot tub. I worked half a day Friday and ended up skipping yoga class. Instead of going to yoga my husband and I went to Home Depot to get some home supplies for our kitchen. We picked out cabinet hardware, wood triming and a few random items.

Saturday morning we went grocery shopping and went to Costco again for a few things. My husband then put most of the hardware on the cabinets. I also purchased liner so I worked on that. Last week we ordered an adhesive wood covering. I don’t really know what you call it but its pretty much a big sticker that looks like brown wood. The goal was too use it to cover the sides of the cabinets. When it came in the mail I thought it was too dark and wasn’t a fan but figured we would test it anyway. I cut it to size and held it up the side of the cabinet. It did not look good so we scrapped that idea. I’m just gonna wax the ends and leave them like that. The ends of our cabinets are not real wood so the wax doesn’t absorb into as well. It does darken them a little. Instead of obsessing over the ends that is what we are gonna leave it at. I really like the way the cabinets turned out so far.

We also finished up the bathroom. So we have the new medicine cabinet and mirror up. I love it also!

Saturday afternoon we had our in-laws over for my mother in laws belated birthday. I decided to make a weight watchers dinner that my husband and I both know we like and I thought they would like it as well. I made Tuscan Chicken Pasta. We also had wine and German apple crumb cake. As a birthday gift we gave my mother in law a bottle of wine and I gave her part of my propagated rubber plant that I replanted into a planter. I also made her and a friend a crocheted hat. I told them I would make then at Christmas time. They turned out lovely. We ate food, drank wine, enjoyed some time in the hot tub and just relaxed and talked. It was lovely.

Sunday morning I woke up exhausted. We stayed up pretty late after our family left. Millie did not let us sleep in either. She had us up before 6am. I went to yoga class and fell asleep during the meditation and savasana parts. It was so relaxing and much needed but I was exhausted. I came home and took a nap then did a bunch of work around the house. I air fried an eggplant for the first time to be used for work lunches.

How was your week? Some weeks are harder then others and this one was a little rough for me. It was filled with crankiness and emotions but overall it was a lovely week and I had an amazing weekend celebrating my mother in law.

Weekly Recap: Kitchen and Bathroom Makeover, Food & Crochet Projects

Starting this recap right where I ended the last one! While I cooked dinner Sunday evening I also prepped spaghetti squash for lunch for the week. I separated it into two lunches for the week and they are hefty! I don’t usually buy lunch out during the week so the more I prep the better. Spaghetti squash is very easy to make. Cut the squash in half, scrape out the seeds and middle section, spray the squash with some olive oil then sprinkle it with some salt and pepper. Cook it at 375 degrees for about 30-40 min. I then add some sauce and thats it!

Monday morning it was back to work for a long day. I always eat breakfast, coffee and fill out my planner. I plan what I want to accomplish that day for personal goals. The planner I have has a section for gratitude and next to that your top goals for the day.

Figured I would throw some photos in here of what my dinners generally look like.

I have been mixing this peanut butter in with nonfat Greek plain yogurt. So yummy πŸ˜‹ the yogurt is zero points on weight watchers and it is filling. I like adding different things like peanut butter or chocolate.

We decided to make some changes to our downstairs bathroom. I hate the mirror in the bathroom. Not because the way it looks but how it sits. The mirror is held in place with clips and it is very unsteady. When I wipe it down it moves and I am afraid it is going to fall off the wall. My husband also wants to move our medications out of the kitchen and into a different location. So we went back and forth on what to do. After a way too long discussion we decided to buy a cabinet to hang over the toilet that will hold all medications. We also purchased a new mirror that hangs on the wall differently. I am worried I am going to miss my open shelves in the bathroom. We had an old medicine cabinet we thought of refurbishing and using but opted to just buy a new one.

Millie has been sporting her new sweater that I made her all week. I was surprised she did not try to eat it. She looks adorable. I think I’m gonna make her more clothes.

Millie stretching after taking a nap with me.

My husband and I have a rule we are following where we only eat out once a month. This stops us from eating out a ton and also is very helpful with my weight loss. I was craving a date night so Friday night we went to Olive Garden. I use the once a month out meal as a splurge meal. It was delicious and I really enjoy our date nights.

Something I’ve been wanting to do is change my bed pillows. Years ago I crocheted covers for them and I am ready for a change. I took off the old crochet covers. They are blue pillows and I am not a fan of them. I am only keeping one if them to out back on our bed. We have too many pillows on our end. I’ll find something to do with the other two. I’ll post a photo when I complete the new cover.

Saturday we did our normal routine of grocery shopping and we also went to Costco and stocked up. My husband picked up these delicious nut and chocolate bars that are like Kind bars. They are so yummy. I broke one up and sprinkled it into some yogurt.

Last week I mentioned we were gonna wax our cabinets. It took us five hours but we got them done! I love the way they turned out. They are darker and have more character. We still have a bunch of work to do to them such as getting black hardware, lamentating the cabinet sides and doing the island. I love the way my cabinets have turned out so far.

This blog post took me way longer than it should have to get posted. I like to have them posted on Sunday or Monday and this is going up on a Wednesday. Better late then never. Now onto the next one.