Weekend Recap: Fixing Appliances, Crochet, Cravings & Relaxation

Welcome to my blog and another weekend recap! My goal with my blog this year is to focus on weekly recaps and life recaps and move away from tips and tricks types of posts. I will be working them out and making changes as I go with how I want these post to end up like.

Today’s recap got started out later then planned. Friday morning I took a barre workout class and also accomplished some goals for the day. We were off to a little rough start for this weekend because my fridge is not working. The fridge decided to stop working Thursday night but thankfully the freezer works. So we put a bunch of things in the freezer and I had to throw away some perishable items. Our dishwasher just got replaced in November because that decided to die. Hopefully, this does not turn into a theme. More on the fridge later in this post.

Friday I also had a dentist appointment and before that I decided to work on some crochet projects and sip some tea while Millie relaxed.

Does anybody else hate going to the dentist as much as I do? I had two old crowns that needed to be replaced. So the last time I was there they put on temporary crowns. It was extremely painful. So this Friday they were putting on the permanent ones. Holy moly the pain was excruciating! It was that nerve pain that I can not explain but they put air, water and cold liquid onto my shaved down teeth before putting on the permanent crowns. Very painful and I am glad they are done!

When I had some free time I looked up some YouTube videos to see if we could fix our fridge. The last thing I wanted to do was buy a new fridge. Thursday when the fridge and freezer stopped completely Bob cleaned the coils in the back because they were covered with dust. When he did that the fan in the back started up again and the freezer worked but the fridge was still not working. I found a great video and we went through each step and we found the second problem! There is a fan in the freezer section that was not blowing the cold air into the fridge. There was a small piece of insulation stuck in the fan! We pulled it out and just like that we fixed our fridge! I am so happy we took the time to research and look at it ourselves because it was a simple fix.

Saturday we went grocery shopping, made breakfast at home and I cleaned our cabinets. The whole family ended up falling asleep on the sofas with the TV on. Later Bob was not feeling great so he took a nap upstairs. While he slept I scrubbed down all the cabinets in our kitchen. We want to redo our kitchen cabinets but try to make it a DIY project and save money. I’ve gone through multiple ideas such as replacing the cabinets ourselves or painting the cabinets. I found some blog posts where people use a wax called Briwax to change the tint of them. So we would be making them darker. If all goes well they will be darker and we will add black hardware. That is planned for next weekend so I will keep you updated on the progress.

I am back on weight watchers and finished my first week which went well. I am down 3.4 pounds! I am still enjoying food, coffee and wine. I just measure out my servings with a food scale that I’ve had for years.

Sunday morning I took my usual yoga class then came home and cleaned. We enjoyed some time in the hot tub then just relaxed. I was really craving chocolate today so I used a food processor to make some “nice” cream. I used one frozen banana, 1 TBSP cocoa powder, 1/4 cup almond milk and mixed it all together. This hit the spot! The rest of this weekend I plan to crochet, relax and meal prep for the week. I am going to end this blog post here. Since I will be focusing more on these types of posts I am going to try and start taking more photos and share more everyday life. Not that my life is exciting but I want to improve on these types of posts.