Strategies to overcome fear & What I am afraid of//Day 6

Fear can hold you back in life. What is it that you are afraid of!? Overcoming your fears is an essential step if you want to achieve your goals and dreams. Today I am going to share some steps to overcome your fears.

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20 Ways To Practice Self Care and Why You Should

Being a nursing student you are constantly reminded to show compassion and empathy for others, but many times we forget to the do the same for ourselves. Most days my health and personal well being is placed on the back burner. Why? When you get sick, you go to the doctor. When you get cut, you put a bandage on it. Maybe we need to start taking care of our bodies and minds the same way, with respect and self love. So as I am learning to practice self care, I challenge you to do the same. And do not forget this involves your physical body and your mental state. Let’s take those practices we learned in nursing school and adapt them to ourselves! Below I have included some great ways to get you started.

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