Dog Essentials Every Dog Owner Needs | Dog Essentials List

women and boston terrier

If you are a new dog owner, congratulations on your new addition to the family. Here are some dog essentials every dog owner needs! This essential product list is a great way to get started on making sure you are ready to bring home your new dog. Use this list to get you started and you can build from here.

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We Got A Puppy

This year has been rough. There has been a lot going in the world and it has caused stress and anxiety. Also, in March 2020 we sadly lost our dog to cancer. Mitch was 12 years old and lived a happy life. I thought I would hold off at least a year before getting another dog. My husband guessed a week before I would start looking. Well it lasted less than 3 months before I found a puppy I fell in love with.

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