My Planner Set Up

Today I am sharing my current planner! I have a habit of starting a planner then stopping. I am guilty of doing this multiple times and eventually just stopped using one and using my phone. Recently, I decided I wanted to start using a planner again and I am sticking with it.

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Under The Sink Clutter | Organization Ideas

On this blog we are all about using our spaces efficiently and in a way that fits our lifestyle. Under the kitchen sink can be a tough area to keep organized due to its odd space. So today we are tackling this cluttered and often overlooked area.

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How I Decluttered and Organized My Makeup and Vanity | Vanity Organization Tour

Did you know your clutter could be causing you stress? As I have gotten older I have realized how little I actually need and I am on a journey. A journey to be more intentional with items in my life and to only keep things that bring me joy. This is how I decluttered and organized my makeup and vanity.

**Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and I receive a small commission if you visit a link and buy something. Purchasing via a link doesn’t cost you any extra.**
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Nursing Report Sheet Template


Nursing Report Sheets are premade templates that nurses use to organize their day and keep track of their patients. They can be made to fit the population of patients that the nurse cares for. They are great to stay organized and on track and will help when it comes time to give the next oncoming nurse report.

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