How to Care for Your Stethoscope

Stethoscopes are an essential part of your career in healthcare. They can be expensive and require proper maintenance and care. Routine cleanings are essential to the health of your patients and your own health. A dirty stethoscope can be a vector for bacteria and spread sickness to patients you are treating. Proper care can also make your stethoscope last longer. All it takes are a few steps to keep your stethoscope clean and working properly.

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Free Nursing Report Sheets

Nursing report sheets are pre-made templates that allow the nurse to keep track of their patients and allows them to stay organized. These sheets are filled out at the start of the shift and can be used throughout the shift. The report sheet contains vital information such as identifying information, diagnosis, doctors, labs and medication times.

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Why I Quit My First Nursing Job

Nine months ago, I was in Aruba with my husband on vacation when I got my first nursing job offer. I will never forget the day because I cried from the excitement. I finally did it! I was finished nursing school and was scheduled to take my NCLEX-RN and had a job on the table pending passing the exam. Thankfully, it all fell into place and I passed and started working as a Medical Surgical nurse on a high acuity floor…. Six months later I quit my job.

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Recent Amazon Finds

coloring book

Who is not obsessed with Amazon!? Surprisingly, as much as me and my husband buy off Amazon we do not have Amazon Prime. I have tried to convince him into it but it has not worked yet. Oh well, does not stop us from shopping! I love to find pieces for all areas of my life on Amazon and today I wanted to share my most recent nursing purchases from the last six months. I would love to know what nursing related items you have purchased so please share!

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