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Nursing scrubs & What I wore today//Day 3

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If you work in healthcare or are a fellow nurse then you know wearing scrubs is the best thing ever! No staring blankly into your closet every morning stressing over what to wear. I love rolling out of bed and taking my pajamas off just to put more pajamas on! That is a little dramatic but if you find the right scrubs they are buttery soft and comfortable. There are so many options today so you have no excuse for boxy uncomfortable work wear.

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Inspirational mantras and affirmations for nurses and nursing students

Mantras and affirmations are both powerful tools that can be used to positively effect the mind. They can be used to increase awareness and support the connection to the self. Use them to set your intentions and motivate yourself throughout the day. They can help you get through a tough time and inspire you to keep pushing. If you are looking for some new mantras or just want to get started here are some phrases to get you started.

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Nursing away from the bedside: What does a clinic nurse do?

Working in healthcare can be extremely rewarding. After all, many nurses will tell you that they got into nursing to help other people. Many nurses especially new nurses are unaware of the their career options once they graduate nursing school. Many believe they have to work at the bedside. Well, I am here to tell you that is not true and you have options.

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Free Nursing Report Sheets

Nursing report sheets are pre-made templates that allow the nurse to keep track of their patients and allows them to stay organized. These sheets are filled out at the start of the shift and can be used throughout the shift. The report sheet contains vital information such as identifying information, diagnosis, doctors, labs and medication times.

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