35 Life Lessons I’ve learned in 35 years | Important Valuable Life Lessons

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My anxiety habits//Day 10

Often times we read articles about how to reduce our anxiety. Tips and tricks to help us calm down and destress. Before you can implement these tips and tricks it is important to know what habits you are doing that is linked to your anxiety. They are often everyday habits you may not even realize.

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What’s always in my grocery cart | WW (weight watchers edition)//Day 9

This post was the perfect addition to my blog challenge because currently I am on weight watchers and my grocery cart has been filled with tons of healthy nutritious foods. Today I am going to share what is in my grocery cart and some of my staples that help keep me on track.

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3 Habits to a Healthier Lifestyle//Day 8

There has never been a time in history like there is now. We are able to live better and longer than ever before. The advances in technology, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and knowledge about the body has lead people to living longer and having better quality of life. Sadly with all these advances we still have an outstanding number of obesity and health issues plaquing us. Today is your day to make a change! If you are ready for a change here are some simple habits you can start implementing today to move forward to a healthier lifestyle.

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WW (Weight Watchers) week in review 4/17/21 – 4/23/21

Another week of weight watchers. This week started out a little rough. If your new here, welcome! Every week I reflect on my progress and how this journey is going for me on weight watchers. The goal is to inspire, motivate and reflect on the progress I made or areas I need to improve on. So let’s get into why this week was rough.

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