Crochet Chevron Blanket | DIY

Chevron crochet blankets can also be called “Zig Zag” or “Ripple” when it comes to giving this pattern a name. They are also my go to style when I am crocheting a blanket. I just love the pattern because it is easy to create and you can use multiple colors or keep the color pattern simple. The color combinations are endless and it is a classic pattern that will never go out of style.

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My Crafts Through The Years

This post was inspired by one of my lovely followers on Instagram @curlzandscrubs. I love to craft and over the years what I enjoy doing has changed. Now I usually stick to crocheting but I have done just about everything from making wreaths, candles, signs and picture frames. It started out as a hobby to create home decorations when I had a more limited budget but has turned into a passion. So much so that for a few years I even sold my crochet items on Etsy. I thought today would be a fun day to post about some crafts I have made through the years and reflect on my creations.

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My Favorite Crochet Washcloth- Easy DIY

I am so excited to share this DIY project with you today! I am branching out and sharing more of myself on the blog. If you did not know I love to crochet and I have made everything from baby blankets, hats, scarves, pillow covers and I even sell my mug cozies on Etsy.  They are super cute so go check them out >>HERE<<

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