35 Life Lessons I’ve learned in 35 years | Important Valuable Life Lessons

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15 day blog challenge//Day 1

I can not recall how I came up with this idea but I must have seen it somewhere and thought it would be a fun idea. I saw 30 day challenges when I searched on Google but I do not want to commit to that long of a length so 15 days it is! So the goal is to make a new blog post everyday for the next 15 days and I chose 15 different topics for me to write about. Some are fun and then some might get deep so you will probably get to know me well these next 15 days. So lets jump into this thing!

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How much money I spend in a week

I have a weird interest in watching YouTube videos of what people spend in a week. I find it interesting how people spend their money. So I decided I wanted to do a week and share it on the blog.

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Lessons in blogging: I have no idea what I am doing

I have been blogging since 2017! Just writing that feels weird because I have only been consistent at blogging recently. The more I do it though the more I love it! Recently, I have felt a fire burning inside of me to write even more and share my stories in hopes to inspire others. I also felt a fire to change my blog and start self hosting with great hopes and dreams of growing my blog. That fire got water thrown all over it…kind of… and here is why.

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