What I’m Wearing On Vacation

Are you the type of person to plan out your outfits when you go on vacation? Or do just throw a bunch of clothes into a suitcase and hope for the best? If you are like me then you try to plan but you do not plan well and you end up with too many shoes and clothes and none of it gets used. Well this time I am doing things a little differently.

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Simple Jewelry for Nurses

hand with candle and jewelry
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Nurses are typically allowed to wear some jewelry and it can depend on their type of work. Personal safety and the safety of patients will also be factors in the type of jewelry a nurse decides to wear. As a clinic nurse I keep to small earrings, rings and a watch. I wear stud earring because I do not want anything that dangles or can be grabbed. I also avoid necklaces because they also dangle. Today, I am sharing some simple jewelry options for nurses.

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