Life Update

Hey, Hi, how are you? 👋🏾 It has been a while since I last posted an actual blog post and time has gone by fast. Thought I would jump on here and update you (if you care) where I have been. To be honest I just have not been feeling typing or blogging and my passion died there for a while but for good reasons.

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Picking My Goal Weight & Changing My WW Plan

I always just thought I would make my weight goal whatever weight watchers told me. Last week while weighing in the leader asked me what my goal was for myself. I never really thought about it because I was shooting for the weight they wanted me to be at and thought I would go from there. I even contemplated losing more weight than their goal for me.

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Why Nurses Wear Scrub Caps | Featuring NYA Scrub Caps

Disclaimer: A gifted partnership with NYA Scrub Caps. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Nurses and many healthcare professionals wear items such as scrubs, gloves and other forms of protective wear, so why not a scrub cap? Scrub caps keep hair out of the face, protect hair strands from falling onto surfaces and protect both the patient and the nurse.

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