New Years Eve Weekend Recap: Celebrating The End Of 2022 πŸŽ‰

I am loving that Christmas and New Years fell on the weekend because my husband and I get a three day weekend! We decided to have a nice dinner at home to celebrate New Years. We did the same thing last year.

New Years Eve we woke up and had some coffee. We recently purchased a Nepresso machine and we just got some new pods, mugs, spoons and a glass container to hold pods. I tried caramel cookie coffee 😍 it was delicious.

We then ran some errands. I got some yarn to make some hats that I’m gonna be gifting. We then went to World Market and stocked up on a few food items and then had lunch. I came home and took a nap then just relaxed around the house.

Last year we made dinner at home for New Years Eve and we decided to do the same this year. I wanted lobster so we got a live lobster. Let me just say that was an experience! I’ll never do it again πŸ₯΄ he was a big lobster and it was a challenge and a lot of work. Plus, I didn’t feel great killing the poor thing and it was nasty to clean up.

We had ice cream cake for dessert and some champagne for toasting. The champagne was delicious but a little sweet.

New Years Day we took down our Christmas decorations and now the house is back to normal. I cleaned up the house and did a lot of relaxing. I also started weight watchers again. I know I talked a ton about weight in the past and not doing it again but I want to do it to get back on track. So I am doing it. I also did some yoga and pulled some oracle cards.

We have one more day off of work and I plan to take a yoga class, grocery shop and just enjoy the break. How was your New Years celebrations?

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