Creating A Winter Holiday Bucket List

Looking for some fun ideas this upcoming winter holiday? Today I am sharing my winter holiday bucket list. A few ideas might inspire you!

I am having a hard time comprehending that we are coming up on the winter holiday season already! We are literally at the start of November and I already see Christmas decor on peoples homes. While I do think it is a little early I am all about preparation and embracing all the special moments we can create.

I don’t like to overwhelm my lists with a large amount of “things” to accomplish or check off. Overwhelming yourself takes the joy out of the item.

I actually had a hard time creating this list. My Autumn bucket was easier but that consisted of more events that had a cost. This time I wanted to try to stick with things that cost less or nothing. So I used Google to get some ideas! I am sharing my list below! If you create seasonal bucket lists I would love to hear and see them!

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