Autumn Bucket List Update

Today I wanted to review my Autumn 2022 bucket list and give an update on my progress.

I really enjoyed creating a seasonal bucket list. I think this will have to start being a routine! It was such a great way to create plans, explore new activities, try new things and create memories with my husband. I loved it 😍

Fall does not officially end till we are closer to the middle of December but mentally for me Autumn is over before December.

I also tried to create a blog post for each item on my list and I was successful with staying on track with that goal. I will link each post below.

I ended up editing my bucket list because I decided to add and also remove some items. There are also some items I am just not getting to because I decided I don’t wanna do them haha.

Go apple picking. This was probably the activity that I enjoyed the most. It was my first time apple picking and I even baked a cake!

Apple Picking, Baking & Autumn Bucket List

Go for a Autumn hike. I still want to do this one and plan to soon.

Bake pumpkin bread. I decided to delete this from my list. I have already done some baking and consuming a lot of sweet. So I am okay with not doing this, plus I know my husband won’t eat it and I don’t wanna eat a whole loaf 🙃

Cook homemade chili. We cooked a delicious and easy recipe. It was very tasty and allowed us to have a ton of leftovers.

Simple Homemade Turkey Chili

Go through a cornmaze. I decided to cross this of day bucket list and switched it out with a upick flower farm that I had been wanting to visit. It was worth the switch!

Visiting A U-Pick Flower Farm

Weekend mountain getaway. This was the first item I got to cross off the list and the start of the season! It is always so beautiful up in the mountains.

Weekend Mountain Getaway

Visit a farmers market. This is just something I haven’t gotten to. I am not sure there are many going on still in my area. Just hasn’t been a priority so I crossed it off.

Movie marathon. There was plenty of this going on this Fall. We watched so many Halloween themes movies.

Movie Marathon, Outdoor Shopping, Rainy Weekends

Donate to a food bank. I plan to do this soon. I started collecting and storing food supplies. Once I get a box full I will drop them off to a local food bank.

Homemade PSL. I recently shared a super simple delicious recipe that you can customize. This is my new go to pumpkin spice treat.

Homemade Simple Pumpkin Spice Latte

How has you Autumm been? What fun seasonal activities have you been doing?

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