Weekend Recap: Apple Picking, Baking & Autumn Bucket List

The weather this past Saturday was perfection 😍 It was such a beautiful cool day and perfect to work on my Autumn Bucket List.

We went apple picking 🍎 Neither my husband or I have ever been apple picking and I was excited to do something different. We found a local farm and just went! It was such a fun experience. First, I got to learn about this huge local farm that I’ve never even heard of and also explore the farm. There were a ton of families with their little children enjoying the activities. They had live music, food, cider drinks, and activities. They even had a pumpkin patch they created so you could pick pumpkins. I tried their cidre peach and it was so yummy 😋

Something else I’ve been wanting to do more of this Autumn is bake. I told my husband I wanted to bake something with the apples and he mentioned how is grandmother used to make Jewish apple cake. So I decided I would make one. I found a recipe I wanted to make and it recommended certain types of apples. The farm had these apples avaliable for picking so it was perfect.

Jewish Apple Cake Recipe

I am no cook or baker but this cake came out so delicious 😋 I can’t stop eating it. I am pretty proud of these cakes. My husband did help me so props to us!

Now to pick what to do next on the bucket list! What are you doing this autumn?

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