How To Become A Morning Person | Lifestyle

I love to get up early in the morning and get my day started! I find it so rewarding to accomplish some tasks before the day actually starts. Here are some tips and tricks I use to get up early and be a morning person.

Most people know whether they are a morning bird or a night owl. If your daily routine and work life is focused from 9am-5pm then it can be vital that you get up early. Throughout my life my work hours have shifted multiple times. I have spent years working both day shift, second shift and night shift. So I have had to adjust my schedule accordingly. Working second and night shift did take a toll on me and I plan to never work those hours again. I thrive with day shift hours and when I get up hours before to get my to do list marked. I love to come home in the evenings with my tasks accomplished so I can relax and recharge. Here are some tips I use to get up early.

Set your goals

Define what your reasons are for waking up ealier. Do you want to eventually start working out in the mornings? Read a book while enjoying a cup of coffee before the rest of the family awakes? Have more time to get ready and not feel rushed? Establish your why. I like to wake up early, maybe workout, read and just take my time to prep for my day. I don’t like to feel rushed. I enjoy sitting down and enjoying my coffee before I start my work day.

Wake up earlier in small increments

If you want to wake up earlier, start in small steps. Instead of waking up one to two hours earlier right off the bat start in small increments. Set your alarm for fifteen minutes earlier. Once you are use to that routine and feel comfortable move it back to thirty minutes. Repeat this process until you are at the time you desire. This slow adjustment will make it easier on yourself and allow your body to adjust.

Avoid using your phone before bed

I put my phone down and out of sight about 30 minutes before I plan to fall asleep. Using your phone keeps your brain stimulated and causes trouble sleeping. It is also bad for your eyes if you are using your phone in the dark. Instead put your phone away and create a night time routine that prepares you for a well rested night.

Buy an alarm clock

I use to use my phone as an alarm clock and it sat right on my bedside table. So instead of laying in bed and relaxing I would end up scrolling through social media, watching videos and just wasting time keeping myself awake. So I purchased an actual alarm clock and now use that instead. My phone has been moved across the room and out of reach and I no longer use it as an alarm. Time to detach yourself from your phone.

Get 8 hrs of sleep

Everyone knows your are suppose to get about eight hours of sleep a night. Your body and mind need to have time to recharge. Sleeping allows your body to heal, recover and get rejuvenated for the next day. You might need to change your schedule around but try to get as close to eight hours of sleep a night as you can.

Develop a morning routine and a night routine

I am all about routine. I truly believe they make life easier and less chaotic. I have a morning and night routine that I follow all week. Routine allow you to experience less stress, have more time to relax, keeps you well prepared and allows you to decompress after the long day. It allows for intentional mindfulness and makes you feel productive. If you do not follow a routine try starting one and see how it makes your day flow.

Avoid late night meals

Eating meals late at night or snacking is not a good idea. I personally struggle with wanting to snack at night but it is not the best thing to do for your body. If you have a heavy snack or meal right before laying for bed you may be prone to weight gain, staying up later and even acid reflux from laying down. When you eat then lay down your metabolism slows down and you increase your fat storage. So try to avoid snacking and eating late and it you have a craving try to keep it light.

Move your body

One of my morning goals when my alarm clock goes off is to just get up and move. It does not matter what I do I just have to move. I can workout or just start getting ready. Moving my body wakes me up and allows my body to start getting energy to flow. Once I am up I am less likely to lay back down and fall asleep. Sometimes I even lay in bed and read a book to get my mind moving.

I hope you find these tips helpful. I enjoy being a morning person and I feel like it has really helped me accomplish more tasks and really prepare for my day! Are you a morning or night person?

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