Back on Track| Weight Loss Week in Review {6/6/22-6/13/22}

Today marks the start of starting weekly check-ins for weight loss. I am hoping that this keeps me motivated and on track.

Not to impressive this week. I was a little disappointed with my loss this week but progress is progress and I am working on making changes.

I try to meal prep as much as possible during the weekend and also the night before for my work lunches. This week I wanted to try a new recipe for lunch so I prepped that on Sunday. I made a batch of chickpea buffalo ranch for wraps.

So I have mixed feelings about the chickpea buffalo ranch recipe. The photo does not look appealing and it doesn’t taste horrible. I found the recipe on Pinterest but it came with no measurements so I just made it up. I used three cans of chickpeas, diced onion, garlic powder, onion powder, mild wing sauce and light ranch dressing. I used a 1:1 mixture of the wing sauce and ranch dressing. I believe for the whole batch I used six tablespoons of each. Mix it together and there you go! I did not hate it but it was making me nauseous and bloated after eating this. I ate it for two meals then trashed it. Lesson learned. Don’t make large batches of a new recipe. Start small because you can always make more. I love chickpeas when they are roasted and crispy so that is what I am going to stick too in the future.

I did step on the scale during the week and it read me being up three pounds 🙃 I have been so bloated. I have decided no more random scale checks. I am sticking to Saturday as my weigh in day. Otherwise, it becomes obsessive and it does not help.

The weekend is when I struggle with snacking and over eating. Probably because the weekend is the only time I consume alcohol and I always want to snack. I am working on that. This weekend my husband and I went out to dinner. We went to California Tortilla and I always get the California Screamin and I usually get it in a warp. This time I got it in a bowl without the wrap. I still got the tortillas and queso.

I use to eat these sugar free fudge popsicles all time because they are low in points. I decided to get them again to use as a night time snack. They are delicious 😋

Sunday we had brunch with our inlaws. My mother in law took us out to celebrate our birthdays 🎂 I definitely overdid it with the food at brunch. It was a buffet and they had so many good foods. So many desserts 🍨😋 I have always wanted to try a raw oyster and they had them. They looked so gross but I went for it anyway. My verdict was…..they not only look nasty but they taste nasty 🤢🤮 never again. I did not take any photos at brunch but it was a beautiful place. Sunday was a bad day because I also went to Sonic go try a new drink. It was probably 2000 calories in that drink alone.

Not the best start but its a start. I am going to work on doing better on the weekends because that is when I struggle. Also, if I want to do this again then I need to get serious.

2 thoughts on “Back on Track| Weight Loss Week in Review {6/6/22-6/13/22}

  1. Happy Panda June 14, 2022 / 8:18 am

    You’re doing amazing!! So motivating! Good luck on your journey.


    • Rebekah Taylor June 14, 2022 / 9:17 am

      Thanks ❤️ its been a struggle but I’m glad it is motivating.


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