Before & After Our Backyard Makeover | Lifestyle

Last year we decided to give our backyard a makeover and turn it into our own little oasis.

Last year we were at a point where we needed to make a decision with our backyard. We live in a small town home that is perfect for us. The backyard, if you want to call it that, is an extremely small space. The deck needed to be replaced but we rarely use the deck so we went back and forth with deciding to replace the deck or create a patio.

The picture below shows you how small of a space we have to work with. The deck length was 15 feet off the house and that was the space we had to work with. We also weren’t utilizing all the space because we had a large gap of unused land next to the deck.

We were going back and forth weighing pros and cons and what we wanted. One random day while we were watching television my husband out of nowhere goes “Why don’t we put a patio in and get a hot tub?” I was stunned and loved the idea! Why did we not think of this before! I wanted more privacy anyway and who does not love a hot tub! From that day I was dead set on having a backyard oasis! We contacted contractors and after a few months of waiting the project finally got started. First, we had the deck taken down and a fence placed.

Then we had a hardscape company come in and level out the ground and place a beautiful patio with a concrete pad for the hot tub.

Lastly, we got a hot tub! Neither my husband or I have ever had a pool or hot tub so it is a learning process to understand how the hot tub works and water management. We love how the backyard turned out! It is beautiful and functional! I have used my backyard more in the last few weeks then I ever have. We love being outside and enjoying the area. I can’t believe what we turned this small space into!

5 thoughts on “Before & After Our Backyard Makeover | Lifestyle

  1. Manisha Reddy June 13, 2022 / 10:08 am

    Its really a great transformation Rebekah. The hot tub looks amazing.


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