I Tried CBD for a Month and Here’s My Experience

CBD has become such a popular medication that can be used to treat multiple ailments. So when I started having an increase in my anxiety I decided to give it a try. Here is my experience..

*Disclaimer: This is my own personal experience. Speak with your physician before taking medications.

Before I delve into this post I wanted to hit on a few points. There are many reviews on this particular brand and other CBD brands. There also is a ton of information available. I am only going to hit on a few points because I am not an expert on CBD. I will share some basics, but I recommend you do your own research and speak with a medical provider before starting any new medications. Even though a prescription is not required to take CBD there is always a possibility of it interacting with other medications or having negative side effects.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active ingredient in cannibas, also known as marijuana. CBD doesn’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana that produces a high. It is clinically proven to impact mental and physical well-being, when taken properly and consistently.

Why I Chose Equilibria

I have seen this brand pushed around a lot by influencers and did some research on the brand. I was pleasantly surprised by my research so I decided to give it a try. Some points I like and are important about this brand are:

  • Women Owned
  • Uses Full Spectrum CBD
  • Product Support before and after purchase
  • Wide Product Range
  • Certificates of Analysis on each product

How I Ordered

Equilibria’s website has a quiz you can take to find what kind of product you are looking for. The quiz focuses on your goals and if you have ever used CBD in the past. You may be looking at CBD for general wellness, stress relief, help with sleep, help with discomfort or skin health. Depending on how you answer, the website will recommend certain products. My own goal was focused on stress relief and calmness. You can also orders their bundles if you want to bypass the quiz.

What I Ordered

Based off my quiz results I decided to order the daily drops in regular strength and their rapid calming melts.

Daily Drops 300mg/30ml: According to the website, the daily drops can be used for targeted fast acting results to regulate mood and stress levels, increase focus and manage discomfort. They have an onset time of 10-30 minutes and the effect can last 4-6 hours. The instructions are to start with one full 1mL dropper in the morning or evening. Apply under the tongue and hold there for 60 seconds then swallow.

Rapid Calming Melts 5mg (15ct): These calming melts are meant to be used when you need fast acute support from CBD. They have a quick onset time of 5-15 minutes and last 3-6 hours.

My Experience

I took the quiz but already had an idea of what I wanted to try just by browsing the website. The package arrived quickly and was nicely packed. There was an information packet that told me how to use the products and when. It also recommended I set up a time to speak with a dosage consultant to speak about adjusting my doses if needed. I will be honest and say I never set that up, but if I decided to try the product again in the future I would do this. Also, I think it is important to note that when I decided to start taking CBD I was dealing with a lot of an anxiety, frustration and feeling burnt out. I took the daily drops first thing in the morning. The liquid did not taste like anything and it was super easy to use. I used it everyday like clock work and only used one dropper full. I never felt a difference in my mood or anxiety. It felt like it did nothing. I used the calming melts when I was dealing with extra frustration and anxiety. They also were easy to use. They melt quickly under your tongue. I really thought I felt an effect from these but my brain also could have been using them as a placebo effect. Either way when I took them I felt a little less tense and anxious. I actually liked the calming melts better then the daily drops.

So what would I do differently and what did I dislike? The biggest con of this brand and CBD in general is the cost. It is so expensive! You also need to consistently use the product for a few months to see the full effect! Which is a big turnoff when it is so expensive and you do not know if it will even work. I searched the internet for as many discount codes as I could before placing my order. My total was $98.00 and I was able to take off $49.80 with codes. My grand total with tax and free shipping was $51.09. You do get a discount if you do a subscription, but it will cost you $100+ a month to try multiple products. That’s a large chunk of money for these products. So I gave it a month to just try the products out and see what I thought. My final thoughts are that a month is not long enough, for me anyway, to see results. They also recommend increasing the daily dropper dose if you do not feel and effect which means that 30 day supply gets cut in half to 15 days. Overall, I like the brand and in the future I would like to try it again and use it consistently to see if I get my desired results, but for now it is not in my budget.

You can shop the Equilibria brand by clicking the following link below.
Link >>MYEQ.com

Have you ever used CBD? Have you used the Equilibria brand or tried another brand? Let’s chat in the comments!

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