Date Night Ideas|Candle Making DIY

Sharing a fun DIY date night idea with a homemade product you can use around the house.

Today I wanted to share a fun date night idea that me and husband do a few times every year! Making homemade candles! 🕯I will be honest with you and say this is not the cheapest DIY date night idea in the beginning because you need supplies, but in the long run if you plan to continue this as a fun hobby it is worth the cost of the supplies.

There are many so different ways to make candles and different kinds of supplies. The supplies I have and use are all from Amazon. There are so many different ways to make candles so I am not going to go into details. You can also find candle making kits that include everything you will need.

The short version of supplies that are needed include:

  • Soy wax
  • Glass Containers
  • Wicks
  • Wick Stickers
  • Metal Bow Tie Clips
  • Essential Oils
  • Melting/Pour Pot
  • Heating Source
  • Mixing Spoon
  • Thermometer

There is so much variety available when it comes to candle making. The different scents, containers and colors allow for so much variety. This is a great way to bond with your partner and create something fun that you can use in the future. My husband and I make our candles in batches. It is always fun to see if they turned out the way you wanted and if you like the scent.

Have you ever made candles at home?

One thought on “Date Night Ideas|Candle Making DIY

  1. milk and bottles July 30, 2022 / 2:58 pm

    great ideas, please check out my homemade candles


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