My Current Playlist & A Band You Need To Hear

Sharing my current playlist and the songs I have on repeat. What song or band are you currently obsessed with?

Welcome 🤩 to my blog. Today I am sharing an updated music playlist! I am very excited about this post because I recently discovered a band that I can not stop listening to. They give me all the feel good vibes I need! And we all need good vibes!

I use the app YouTube music to listen to my music. The free version cause I’m too cheap to pay and why pay when I can get it for free 🤑 I just add music I like to my library and listen to it that way. So I recently, went through my library and deleted a bunch of songs that I’m not currently into or I feel like don’t fit into my current phase of life. So my list has been dwindled down.

My current list gives off indie, soul, electronic, funk, electro Pop vibes. Woo, that is a lot of different genres there but all mashed into a beautiful sound. My current playlist gives me feel good, relaxed calm vibes. The instrumentals and soothing voices put me into a happy place 😌✨

My Current Playlist

Did you notice the theme here? The first ten songs are from the same band. I have heard their one song before but finally looked into who the group was and I’m hooked. So far I love their music, the soulful voice of the main singer and the instruments. I find the music soothing and refreshing and I am glad to be away from harsh jagged music that I hardly know what they are saying.

What band or song are you currently listening too?

3 thoughts on “My Current Playlist & A Band You Need To Hear

  1. mandioutsidethebox April 14, 2022 / 12:12 pm

    ill have to check some of these out! Im kind of a rock/ country rick girl… Loving Zac Brown Band’s new album ‘Comeback”… Also always love Pearl Jam and Eddie Veddar!

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  2. Kara Simone - The Up Side April 17, 2022 / 2:15 pm

    I love music and that’s cool you have playlists going on YouTube Music! I like using them too!!! Currently I’m into Marcotte, Kina Grannis, Frankie J, and John Mayer.


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