Being the Best Version of Myself for a Week

Have you ever thought about taking a week to get dedicated to getting back on track and being the best version of myself? I decided to take a week and attempt to be the best version of myself. Here’s what I learned.

You ever go down the tunnel of YouTube? If you don’t know what I mean… you watch one video of something and that one video turns into twenty other videos all focused on the same topic. That happens to me often…more often then I’d like to admit. So this past weekend I fell down the tunnel of “that girl” videos. Apparently, this is/was a trend on Tik Tok and other social media platforms. Now, I am a 35 year old women and I feel like many of these trends apply to much younger people. I feel kind of stupid even mentioning this trend but here I am. I do find this trend to be problematic in many ways but also there are some good things about it as well. This post is not about that and I will save that for another day.

I thrive when I have a routine. Routines motivate me and keep me on track. In fact, I already have a routine but recently have not been doing my best at keeping that routine. I already make my bed everyday, drink all the water, tidy my house as I go. So this week is dedicated to getting back on track and being the best version of myself.


Monday glorious Monday πŸ™„ (sarcasm). It is easy for me to prep for Mondays because I’m usually lounging around on Sunday.

Sunday tasks included:

  • Prep all meals for Monday
  • Prep medications for the week
  • Prep workout clothes and work clothes
  • Prep work bag

I was successful and woke up at 5:30am! Go me! Did a thirty minute walk on my treadmill, showered, did a short skincare routine and got ready. I then had a smoothie for breakfast and read a book for a few minutes and took care my dog. It is so great and easy when you are prepped the night before. Then it was off to work.

I had a long day at work so I drank a protein drink for dinner. This was the first time I tried the Fairlife brand and it is not bad.

Side note: I am watching what I eat and trying to be mindful but I am not counting or tracking anything. Nor will I show everything I eat because I ain’t got time for that.


My goal is to workout three days this week for 30 minutes each time. So, even though today was not a workout day I still got up at the same time of 5:30am because I want to stay consistent.

I prepped my lunch the night before and did the same morning routine. Shower, skincare, bed made, breakfast, reading and journaling. I even finished the book I had been reading. I’ll share more on that in another post.

After work I was frustrated today and thankfully my husband let me vent my feelings. He even gave me some great suggestions on how to deal with my issues. Its great to have a partner who listens and gives meaningful feedback. I tried a new recipe for dinner and ate way more then I should have. No shame πŸ›‘ I also indulged in some white chocolate and oreos. Tomorrow I’ll try to take photos of my snacks. I am a snacker at heart ❀ snacks are my downfall.


I said I would try to take photos of my snacks….that didn’t happen. I did wake up at 5:30am again. I feel like I am on a roll with this. I am sacred to say this….but…it has been pretty easy.

Since I finished reading my current book about burnout. I did not want to start a new book just yet. So instead I am reviewing my notes and journaling about my current stressors. I think I handled my work stressor pretty well today.

Today I have been craving iced coffee and I decided treat myself to Dunkin Donut cold foam cold brew. So yummy πŸ˜‹

I also had a doctors appointment today. I finally made an appointment for an issue I am having. Part of being your best self is taking care of your health. So no more putting off medical issues.


Today my body and mind need a break. I woke up with a really bad headache and feeling under the weather. So I decided I am not going to take any photos. I have a long work day ahead. Living my best life means doing what feels right and is right for my body, mind and spirit. I still did my routine of waking up at 5:30am, journaling, prepped lunch the night before.


Yesterday was a rough day 😞 I did not feel good and I did not eat good. Usually I would beat myself up but I don’t feel bad. I needed it. Today I woke up feeling much better. I had off work which is always nice. I got up at 5:30am did a workout and started watching season 2 of Bridgerton and relaxed. Taking photos everyday has gotten hard and I kind of gave up.

Weekend & Final Thoughts

I did not eat great this weekend but I had a nice weekend. I was productive and spent lots of quality time with my husband. I also stopped taking photos. I honestly kind of gave up on this post in the aspect of documenting everything because it is time consuming. Living your best life is not an aesthetically pleasing photo which I think is what many people are caught up on. They are caught up in the image portrayed. For myself, I have discovered that living my best life is developing and maintaining healthy routines that enhance my physical and mental well-being. Waking up everyday early, taking some time to workout and writing in a journal has given me time to reflect on how I want my day to go and how my previous day went. This week has shown me I can grow and reach my goals. It has shown me that I already am the best version of myself.

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