Current Events, How I’m Feeling & Blogging Break

Hello and welcome. I took a week off of blogging and I thought I would take a moment to catch up.

I have always had a hard time expressing my feelings through my words. The same goes with putting down my feelings in writing. So, I’ll do my best with this update.

This last week has been a mixture of feelings. It honestly all started with current world events. I don’t like to talk politics because to be honest I am pretty ignorant to it all. I’m just trying to get through life. But as I have been watching the news and seeing the invasion of Ukraine my heart has been hurting. It saddens and sickens me how we as humans treat others and the pain we inflict on others for power, land, money and greed. Sadly, this is nothing new. It saddens me what people are going through. It has made me feel like everything I blog or wanted to blog about so frivolous…because it is. I had some posts planned but I couldn’t post because it feels wrong. I needed a break and a chance to gather and understand my feelings.

I then came across a video on YouTube by Timothy Ward called Why You Should Stop Watching the News. The video is old but still applicable. I have watched a bunch of his videos and I enjoy them. A quick summary of the video is 99% of the news has nothing to do with you and the other 1% you can’t do anything about anyway. The news is usually all negative because it is what attracts attention. While I agree with these statements I do believe you should have some knowledge of what is happening in the world. The problem is when you engross so much time into it. The last week all I have been doing is watching the news for updates. It saddens me what is going on and there is not much I can do. I can pray, make donations and educate myself. I can also not allow it to overrun or put me into depression and anxiety.

So I took a break and now I am back. Life has been a little chaotic, hectic and causing me some anxiety lately, but I am also thankful and grateful for being alive, safe and knowing my family is safe as well.

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