Comfy Crochet Cardigan |DIY

I love a good DIY project especially if it involves crocheting. I want to share some pieces I’ve had over the years and new ones I am working on. So to start this out I wanted to share this cozy crochet cardigan.

I made this cardigan a few years ago and I love it. I need to start wearing it more! It is so soft, cozy and comfortable. It is the perfect piece for cold weather. Unfortunately, I do not have the patterns for this piece and I have no idea what yarn I used. I will link some similar patterns below if you want to try them out. There is such a great feeling when you can make your own pieces.

Free Crochet Patterns

Aurora Cardigan for Women – Free Pattern
Up North Crochet Cardigan
The Marley Cardi
Easy Pocket Crochet Cardigan
Hand in my Pocket Cardigan
Cosmos Cardigan

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