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I started this blog back in 2017 while I was nursing school student. The initial intention of this blog was to share my journey through nursing school and also mix in some lifestyle and DIY posts. Today I am sharing why my focus shifted and why I do not talk about nursing like I use to.

If you search through my posts around the year 2017-2018 you will find numerous nursing related posts. I blogged everything from prepping for certain areas of study to nursing student essentials. Once I graduated and passed boards I blogged about how I passed my boards, my first nursing job and why I quit that first job. I blogged about these topics because they were big parts of my life. I also had a different view of nursing as a student and new graduate. Once reality set in my focus shifted and it was something I did not want to talk about so much… here is why.

Rose Colored Glasses

As a nursing student I was wearing those rose colored glasses. While nursing school was hard it did not prepare me for the real world of nursing. When I first graduated I was so excited and proud of myself. As I should have been because it took hard work to make it through. I thought I was ready for the nursing field. I even thought I had an upper hand because I worked in healthcare as a medical assistant for seven years prior. At that point my whole life revolved around becoming a nurse. Which was a mistake. I made it my identity when it was just another career. My social media and life was saturated with nursing. So I did what I thought I was suppose to do. I applied for a medical surgical job and nurse residency program. I thought I was ready. I was passionate and motivated and in my head that was all I needed.

The Hard Truth & A Smack In The Face

I ended up getting the job I wanted. I thought I was gonna be big stuff. A new grad nurse accepted into a magnet hospital and with an amazing residency program. I thought I would have the support and help I would need. I had no idea what I was getting into. Instead of feeling supported I felt overworked, unappreciated and a big lack of support. It felt like the program was there just to look good. I burned out faster than I ever thought possible. And that lead me to hate nursing. At first, I wanted to tell other nurse graduates what it was really like because I knew I was not alone. Eventually, I just did not want to talk about nursing at all. I felt like everything online and on social media was fake. Everyone made nursing look like an amazing field when in my reality there were nurses everyday crying in the med room and burning out. And this was before the pandemic even started.

A Change Of View

I got to the point were I just did not want to talk about nursing anymore. It is a job. My work and how I make an income but it does not define who I am as a person. I just wanted to go to work and come home. I left my first job and since then I have found and done some amazing nursing jobs. But I believe my first job stole a little bit of my happiness…or it just smacked some reality into my face. Nursing is not what I thought it would be. Granted I still love being a nurse and would not change a thing. I would just not have put so much of my identity into a career. Since it is my job I do not always like to talk about work. That being said my nursing posts are my most popular posts and I believe that is because so many new graduates are confused and unhappy. I still receive emails of new nurses who are depressed and feel lost in their jobs who reach out to me for support. I want to be that support for them. So, even though it was been a while since I blogged about nursing I am thinking about adding some more nurse related material to help others on their journey.

If you have followed me for nursing then thank you. I hope this helped explained why I stopped talking about nursing so much.

One thought on “Why I Don’t Blog About Nursing | Nursing

  1. justamarylandgirl March 2, 2022 / 7:11 pm

    First of all, nurses are such unsung heroes in this world. I am sure you are a blessing to your patients! But like you, I rarely talk about work. It’s how I pay bills, but definitely not what makes me who I am.

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