5 Things To Do When Your Struggling On Your Weight Loss Journey | Weight Loss Update

If you are on a weight loss journey or lifestyle change, at some point you may hit a mental wall or road block. This could be having feelings like your not doing as well as you should be. Maybe you feel like your progress is too slow. You may have a week where you don’t workout or track and you feel like you are now lost. Whatever the road block is I am here to encourage you.

I have hit several of these blocks and as a person who struggles with mental health these road blocks can feel like a heavy weight. There are so many aspects to mental health and the struggles that come with it. So today I wanted to share some tips and trick I use to help me overcome these challenges.

Remember : This is a journey not a destination

You’ve heard this saying before and I am saying again. THIS IS A JOURNEY NOT A DESTINATION. There is no end game… at least when it comes to health. Now that number on the scale does need an end game. Your priority should be focusing on living a healthier lifestyle. What are the steps you can take that improve your lifestyle that also promote weight loss? You want this to be a lifestyle change. Something you can maintain. So remember this is a journey.

Take a break

This may not be what you want to hear but it might be exactly what you need. You need a full tank to keep going and your tank may be running on empty. Sometimes we just need to give our bodies and minds a day off. Whether you need a day or a week take some time off to reflect and reevaluate your goals and plans. This will give you time to reflect and make plans for the future.

Take time to reflect

Whether you decide to take a break or not, you should take time and reflect. If you are struggling with those last five pounds or struggling with working out. Take some time to reflect on how far you have come! You made it this far and that is something to be proud of! Congratulate yourself and be proud of how far you have come.

Choose an attainable goal

Sometimes we make goals and we need to change them. Nothing wrong with that! Maybe you need to break your goal into mini goals to make it more attainable. Check off each small goal and before you know it you will have hit the big goal! Slow and steady to win the race.

Celebrate your non-scale victories

So the scale may not be budging but have you looked in the mirror lately? How about those old pictures of yourself? Have you been tracking your body measurements? The scale is not the end all be all! The scale fluctuates so much and you need to acknowledge your non scale victories. They can be anything from choosing to measure your meals, fitting into an old piece of clothing, resisting dessert or just having a small bite, getting all your water intake in for the day. The list can be endless but these small victories add up to the larger picture.

This is a difficult journey but one you will be proud of when you look back and see how far you’ve come. Stay strong and keep pushing towards your goals.

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