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This post was inspired by The Everyday Adventures post My 21 Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2021. Make sure to check out their blog.

I thought it would be a fun idea to review my Amazon purchases from 2021. This is a great way to reflect on what I purchased, did I really need the item and how much money I spent.


I purchased four items this month. I purchased the headbands because they were trendy and I liked them, but I rarely wear them and they tend to hurt my head. I do like them but did not need three. I hate the lotion because it is thick but I still use it and will not purchase in the future. The shirts were for work and a repurchase. Love them! I also had a gift card so that greatly reduced the amount I paid out of pocket.

Total: $27.12


Again, I purchased four items this month. A work lunch box that I use everyday and love it. The hair clips were again a trend but I like and do use them. Necessary? Probably not. The socks were a stupid purchase. I took a barre class and loved it and in my head I was gonna do it routinely….I haven’t been back. So that was wasted money. The dog party supplies were used for Millies first birthday and I saved them. I plan to reuse them again this year.

Total: $64.24


Apparently, I did not purchase anything this month. Go me!


I am seeing a pattern here. I tend to purchase items in quantities of four. This month I purchased a new popsocket because my old one broke. I also purchased a new pulse ox. I can not remember why but my previous one probably broke. I use them for work on a daily basis. I purchased one that I didn’t like so I returned it for another brand. I also purchased oil for my hair. I have used this for years and love it. I usually shop around to get the cheapest price for it.

Total: $36.20


This month I purchased cable. That was probably for my husband because I have no idea 😅 I love the jewelry box and use it. I also love the earring backs and use them all the time.

Total: $38.66


I absolutely love this doggie car seat. It was a great purchase and Millie loves it. It makes me feel safer with her in the car.

Total: $25.42


No purchaes made this month.


This month I purchased some essentials I needed such as socks and undies. Those in case your wondering are constantly used. I needed a new hair brush because my previous one broke. This one is okay but nothing special. The protein is my favorite and will always be worth it to me. Love that stuff. The password book was a gift for a co-worker who always has issues with her passwords.

Total: $72.00


The coasters were purchased for a new coffee table. My husband and I love them and use them daily. The black door handles were used to replace the old ugly handles on our closet doors. The sheets were a random purchase and a recommendation from someone. I love them.

Total: $55.70


No purchases made this month.


This month I purchased a new bag for work and decluttered some older ones. I also purchased a planner. I have been using the planner daily and the bag daily.

Total: $55.10


This month I purchased the most of any months, but I paid nothing. My work gives us a Amazon gift card every year and I used that to make these purchases. I purchased essential oils to make candles, a movie that my husband and I like, books for my husband, socks and filters for our home.

Total: $0.00

2021 Digital Orders

I purchased a few books off Amazon for my kindle. This is the first year I’ve done this. I’m not gonna list the books, just the total spent.

Total: $65.67

Grand Total $440.11

I am not mad about the total because I actually thought it would be worse. While many of the items are unnecessary, most of them have been put to good use and are used routinely.

3 thoughts on “My Amazon Purchases From 2021 | Lifestyle

  1. amakovec February 4, 2022 / 9:27 pm

    Great article and congrats on keeping that yearly total under $500! I’m impressed! I still have yet to total mine up, but I have a feeling it isn’t going to be pretty and might just give me a heart attack if I do. lol Also thanks for linking to my article! So glad it could provide you with some inspiration!


  2. justamarylandgirl March 2, 2022 / 7:26 pm

    Those sheets look just like these pillow cases that I purchased because they had them at an airbnb I was staying at and I loved them!

    Liked by 1 person

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