Water, Groceries & Making Changes|Weight Loss Update

Happy Monday to you! I know I just posted a weight update where I talked about getting back on track and shared my first week with you. I am posting another one again so quickly because I want to post an update every Monday. These posts will be short and quick. That is my plan anyway.

I was shocked when I stepped on the scale this past Saturday. I expected to be down a few pounds for water weight but I was not expecting this much of a drop. Which honestly makes me nervous because I feel next time it will be higher. I am down 9.1 pounds in one week! Crazy! I even took a picture of the scale because I was like, LIAR! My goal is to hit somewhere around 141 pounds so in theory this should not take me a long time but you never know.

I have been watching my portions which means I weigh my food or follow portion sizes. I also am kind of boring with my food. I use to drench my foods in condiments which I no longer do.

I did go ham on this bag of Twizzlers. I love the pull n peel ones. My husband and I went to the Dollar Tree for a few items and they always have so much candy. I was very tempted to pick up a box of Reese’s pieces but I knew I would eat the whole thing and the serving size would not satisfy me.

Saturday night I made a Weight Watchers chili. It really was not much of a chili but it did the trick. We added some extra dry spices to give it more taste. We also went grocery shopping and I made sure to fill the house up on fresh fruit and veggies!

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