How to survive vacation with your In-laws | Lifestyle

Taking a vacation with your in-laws may sound like a dream or a nightmare depending on your relationship. Planning a vacation takes time and if you plan on taking a vacation with your in-laws then you are going to have to set some boundaries. Today I am sharing some tips on how to vacation with your in-laws.

I will admit, I have a great relationship with my in-laws and I know that is not always the case with others. This can be a touchy subject because some people do not have good relationships. So taking a vacation with the in-laws may not be the best idea for your family, but if this is something you want to pursue then these tips will help you plan that vacation. Remember, while you may have a great relationship, spending a whole weekend or week with the in-laws will create challenging new experiences and situations may arise.

I had to practice many of these tips when my husband and I took our first vacation last year with his parents. We did a weekend road trip to Rhoad Island and Massachusetts where we spent the weekend touring mansions, sightseeing in Boston and Salem. There were some frustrating points in the vacation with people having different paces and desires but overall it was a lovely vacation. The takeaway was we got to spend quality time with people we love and we created memories.

Set Boundaries and Manage Your Expectations

Before you go on your vacation, sit down with your partner and set your boundaries and expectations. What do you want out of this vacation? Do you want to set some time aside for just the both of you? You are going to have to be willing to compromise with your plans and ideas.

Make a Plan

I suggest planning out the vacation as best you can so everyone knows what to expect. Are your in-laws early risers? Set times for everyone so that people know where to be and when to be there. Make an itinerary so that people know the plans. Sit down with your in-laws and create this plan together. You can even set in some alone time so you and your partner can have some alone time.

Talk About Money Early On

Never make assumptions about who is paying for what! Sorry, but you’re gonna have to talk about money. What is the budget? Who is paying for that dinner or are you just splitting the tab? Is everyone just covering for themselves? Unfortunately, this is something you’re going to have to talk about. Money can be a stressful topic so go in with an open mind and be willing to compromise.

Make Sure to have Separate Housing

We all need space, distance and somewhere to unwind. Try to arrange to have separate housing or a separate hotel room from your in-laws. You can be close but not that close because as adults we need space. This allows you to have your own area to relax and decompress.

Be Flexible and have Patience

They say patience is a virtue and if you are like me you have no patience. I have a tendency to like to take control of situations and keep the flow moving. It can be hard to take a step back and be patient with people. When I want something, I want it now. The pace you and your spouse have and your flow will be different than your in-laws. So have some patience and be flexible. Remember, you are on vacation. Slow down and enjoy the moments and memories you are creating.

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