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They aren’t called mans best friend for no reason! If you are a dog lover then you already know and are hopefully enjoying the benefits of a dog. Here are some benefits of having a dog as a companion. If you are thinking about adding a dog to the family hopefully this list will help you.

Thank you for visiting my blog! Before I delve into the benefits of having a dog. I wanted to introduce you to Millie 🐶 You may have seen her face around here in other posts but if not you will today. She is the adorable Boston Terrier pictured in the above photo. I am going to reference to her in this post often!

A Companion and Best Friend

And a family member. Millie is my baby and I love her so much. She is a member of the family and I treat her as such. She has been a great companion to have around. She always keeps me company and always wants to be around me. A dog is someone who will love you forever.

Dogs are Loyal

Most dogs are loyal. Now Millie on the other hand not so much. When a new person comes around she drops me like a bad habit. I forgive her though because I know she loves to socialize and meet new people. She is a very social dog.

Dogs are Fun

Toys, trips to the park, walks and playing. Dogs are fun and will keep you busy. They need plenty of exercise so you have to do activities with them.

Encourage Movement

Dog have a lot of energy and they need to get that energy out. When you have a dog you need to walk them. This promotes healthy habits for both your dog and yourself.

Make Us More Social

I live in a decent size development and have been here for a few years. Since getting Millie I have met and talked to more people here than ever before. When she first came home my husband and I would get stopped all the time while walking her. She is very popular in the neighborhood. She has given us a social life.

Reduce Stress

No matter how stressed out I am from work or life whenever I come home my dog is a relief. She is always happy and always puts a smile on my face. She makes the stress melt away. Just a few kisses and a wagging tail make my day. Plus, she is always down for a nap and snuggling which always makes my day.

Help Us Be More Mindful & Present

Dog crave and need attention. If I am busy and ignoring my dog she lets me know. She will keep whining until I stop what I am doing and give her attention.

Always Excited to See You

I can be gone for 5 minutes or 8 hours and Millie is always excited to see me. She stands at the front door staring outside waiting for me to come home. No matter how long I am gone she is always so happy to see me.

Provide a Sense of Responsibility

Dog are a lot of work. They need to be walked, they need to pee, poop, eat, play, go the vet, socialize. They take a lot of responsibility and can be expensive but along with that responsibility comes a sense of fulfillment.

Makes You Feel Safe

Having a dog around keeps you from feeling lonely. You have a constant companion. Dogs can be very protective and they are great at letting you know when something is off. Whether they bark when someone is at the door or have an ear out for a weird noise. Dogs are a great way to prevent intruders, break ins and provide a sense of security.

One thought on “The Benefits of Having a Dog | Lifestyle

  1. justamarylandgirl January 21, 2022 / 10:38 pm

    I’m a cat lady but I love all animals. Dogs are so much fun! I can see getting one at some point down the road.


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