I Got A Library Card | Minimalism

You read that right! I got a library card and I am dedicating a whole blog post to why I got one and why you should also!

When is the last time you visited a library? Do you even know where your local library is located? The last time I was in a library was probably in high school and I honestly forgot they existed 😳 I also had no idea where my local library was even located.

So what made me even think about getting a library card? I have started reading books with a goal to read more and get this brain 🧠 functioning better. I also have stopped using social media which gives me so much more time to do something that is actually good for me. Highly recommended! So when I have been reading it use my phone or kindle. This means I have been paying for books. Which is neither frugal or minimalist and can be expensive. There are free books available but the ones I’m more interested cost money. This is where the library card comes into play.

1. Library cards are free

Let me say that one again….library cards are free. That means you are being smart,frugal and minimalistic. What is better than that? In my opinion nothing. You will have access to free books, audio books, ebooks, movies, databases and the internet. The world at your fingertips and you do not have to pay.

2. Libraries are constantly adding new material to their shelves

Okay, so that new book that just came out this week may not be available but in time it will be. They are constantly adding new materials and books to their databases and you may be surprised at what you can find. When I went through my libraries ebooks they had many that I already read and paid my money on. Right there for free.

3. Libraries provide more than books

I am not talking about ebooks here. Many libraries provides classes and programs. Check out your local libraries website to see events. Mines even host a workout class on the weekends. One of the first things I noticed when I went to get a card was they were doing a blood drive! You can even get free access to local museums. This means a day full of fun for your kids at no charge.

4. Libraries provide local support and access for everyone

My counties library is a non-profit organization that provides jobs and accept volunteers. So chances are your local library is also. By using your local library you are supporting them. How else do they know they are needed if you aren’t using this free resource? They are providing free resources and information for everybody! When you sign up for a card you are demonstrating that libraries are important and required.

5. You can use the library without leaving your home

Libraries offer a tremendous amount of free materials online. So if you don’t want to leave the house and make a library run, you can download some material right to your phone and get reading. Bored while waiting for an appointment? Download an emagazine and catch up on the gossip.

When you open a library card you are opening a door of endless options and opportunities. There are so many benefits to having a card that it is silly to not have one. I can’t wait to delve deeper into my library and explore what they have to offer.

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