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You ever have one of those Aha moments! You know about a product but for some reason you just never put much thought about it and then one day your like “why have I not tried this”. That is what happened to me with reusable sandwich bags.

Over the past year or so and I say year or so because I have not been keeping track of time. Anyway, my husband and I have been trying to reduce our waste and I have been trying to be more minimal. My husband has always been big on recycling ♻️ and reducing waste. We slowly have been incorporating new ways of doing this into our lives.

Some ways we have done this is by using washable clothes for napkins, microfiber clothes for cleaning, drier balls instead of sheets, and purchasing concentrated products with less packaging.

I was recently at Target and it crossed my mind that we should switch from disposable sandwich bags to reusable bags. Not sure why I never thought of this before. My husband already reuses the same sandwich bag multiple times before tossing it. He does this if he is going to be eating the same type of food out of it for a few days for example, grapes. I decided to take a look at what Target offered and picked out two bag brands.

Up & Up Reusable Sandwich Bags

I plan on using these as sandwich and snack bags. I am sure I can find smaller size bags for snacks but for now they will work.

• Washable, Reusable & Freezer Safe

• Leak-resistant bags with reinforced seams

• Made without BPA, PVC or phthalates

• Top-rack dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning

• Flat bottoms let them stand up for easy filling

Russell Reusable Quart Bags

My plan for these bags is to freeze and store chicken. I buy a large pack of chicken breast and divide them, freeze and date them for later use. We go through a lot of bags doing this. I am hoping these will work to save bag use. These came with eight and is more then enough for our household. I just need a way to label and date them. Maybe with a washable marker?

• Washable, Reusable & Freezer Safe

• Durable with reinforced seams and a locking seal

• Made without BPA, PVC or phthalates

• Dishwasher safe

• 1 Quart Capacity

I have not tried these products just yet and plan to wait until I finished with the bags I currently own. Once my current supply is finished I will incorporate these into my rotation. Let me know if you use reusable bags and your favorite brands? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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