Blog & Personal Goals {December 2021}

The months have been flying by so quickly and I wish time would slow down. But here we are in the month of December and it is time to make some new goals and continue to work on previous goals πŸŽ„πŸŽ

Before I delve into my goals for this month I want to review last month’s goals. This way I can evaluate how I did and what needs improvement. If you are making monthly goals then I would recommend you do the same. It is always helpful to reflect on your progress.

November 2021 Goals

Blog Goals

My goal was to blog consistently with the aim of two posts a week and a minimum of one. I think I did pretty good with this goal. I believe the only time I did not post twice was during Thanksgiving week. My other blog goal was to interact more with other bloggers. Now this goal I did not do so well. I try to comment as much as I can on others posts but I have a hard time finding blogs that always resonate with me. I am not a fan of the WordPress search engine when it comes to finding other bloggers. If any fellow bloggers out there can recommend anything it would be appreciated πŸ‘

Personal Goals

βœ”Avoid social media

Continue to avoid social media was my first goal and I have been crushing it. I only go on social media when required and I do not scroll.

βœ”Read three books

My second goal was to read three books which I also accomplished. I found a great resource to get free books is my kindle. They have numerous free books but you have to sift through the junky ones.

Betrayal in Berlin by Steve Vogel – This was a difficult read for me. I only read it because it was on my kindle app and my husband read it. I thought it would be a good conversation piece for us and it was. This is not my type of book but I finished it.

Be the Prize by Kim Postell – This book was about femininity and relationships. It was more based to women who are not married which does not apply to me but it had some good foundational information. Since I am on a femininity journey I think this was a good read.

My Feminine Journey | Speak Like a Lady

Granny’s Got a Gun by Harper Lin – This was a free Kindle book that I came across. It is the first in a series. I noticed the kindle app does this a lot. They provide the first book free in an attempt to get you to buy the rest of a series. This was a very easy and quick read. Not a bad quick read to squeeze in another book.

βœ” Date Night

We did have a date night and went out to a nice restaurant for dinner.

βœ” Weight Loss

I have been going back and forth with my weight. I plan on doing a separate post with an update. But for now I am counting calories and maintaining.

βœ” Workout

I dropped the ball or a bomb πŸ’£ on this one. I did not workout at all. But since seeing my failure in this area I have made a schedule and morning routine to get me awake in the morning and on the treadmill. I will link to my new blog post about creating a morning routine. As I am writing this, today was my first day of implementing my new routine. I got up earlier than normal and did a 30 minute workout. So we are starting off on the right track πŸ‘£

December 2021 Goals

Blog Goals

I honestly don’t even know what to put down as a blog goal. This blog is more of a hobby at this point. I do not make any income (but I would love too). I guess I will continue to work on posting consistently and interacting with others

Personal Goals

❄Implement and maintain a morning routine

My goal is to get up earlier three days a week and workout. To do this I will be prepping as much as I can the night before. This will include have my lunch prepped, clothes out and anything else to make it easier. I will link a dedicated blog post about creating my morning routine below.

My Feminine Journey | Creating a Morning Routine

❄ Read three books

Reading three books seems to have worked out well so I will attempt to read three more this month.

❄ Continue to avoid social media

This should be an easy one at this point because I have no interest in social media anymore.

❄ Cook more

I have to pick something that is more difficult for me to implement. Besides the morning routine…this is it. I hate cooking and my husband does most of it. I think for the month of December I will pick and cook the meal each Sunday. This gives my husband a break and allows me to build some simple cooking skills.

So there we have it! My goals for the month of December 🌲 Are you making monthly goals? Share them below so we can encourage one another! And before you leave I have one last tip if you need help focusing on your goals! Make a background of your goals on your phone. I made the image below on Canva and it is my screen lock. This way every time I open my phone I have a reminder.

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