My Feminine Journey | Creating a Morning Routine

The feminine women knows the importance of creating a morning routine that is effective. A morning routine that allows you to move through your day with ease and grace. A routine will help you build a life you love.

If you are new here, welcome to my blog. I am currently on a journey to be more feminine. My goal is to embrace and enhance my feminine traits. You can read my first post here were I explain what femininity means to me.

My Feminine Journey | Speak Like a Lady

I truly believe that how we start our day will set the tone for the rest of our day. This is something I struggle with. This is what my normal morning looks like. My alarm goes off then I either get up right away or I lay there for 10-20 minutes staring at my phone. Anything to avoid actually getting out of bed. Then I drag myself out to take care of my dog and get dressed. I wake up with plenty of time to eat and get prepped for the day. I usually have some downtime and I usually am on my phone or working on a project. Maybe this doesn’t sound too bad to you but to me it is ineffective and I waste a large chunk of time. For months I have been telling myself I need to start working out but I never stick to it. I have been lazy when it comes to developing an effective morning routine. So that is my next goal. To develop an effective morning routine. To start my day with intention and set a positive tone for the rest of the day. To stop being lazy. So here are my steps to create my morning routine.

What is your goal

First, you need to understand what your goals are? Do you want to start incorporating a morning workout? Do you want to have some downtime and time away from your family? Maybe the morning is when you want to spend time doing devotionals or reading a book. You could even just use the time to plan your day. For me personally my goal is I need to start incorporating a morning workout.

Plan ahead

I generally always have a good idea on what I am doing everyday. Recently, I purchased a planner because I am better when I write things out. I have been using it to plan my week and even meals. I have some days where I work later hours so I need to plan the days that will work for me getting in a workout. So buy a planner or use your phone to plan out your days. I also will be packing my lunches the night before so I have everything ready to go. This will allow me to use my time in a better manner and be prepared to start my day.

Wake up early

Wake up with intention and motivation. By creating your plan ahead of time you will know exactly what you need to get done. If you are not a morning person start small by setting your alarm clock 15-30 minutes earlier than normal. This way you can gradually start waking up ealier and it won’t be such a shock. Since I already have some downtime in the morning I will be setting my alarm clock 15 mins earlier so I can make sure I am up and ready to workout.

Make your bed

This is something I have already been doing for years. I even wrote a whole blog post about making your bed in the morning. It is always the first thing I do when I wake up. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment and makes me feel like I am starting my day off right. It also helps keep my house tidy. Everything in its place.

Why You Should Make Your Bed Every Morning

So there you have it! I will be implementing these strategies to develop an effective morning routine. If you have a morning routine I would love to hear about it. Make sure you followup along because I will be sharing more tips on my feminine journey.

2 thoughts on “My Feminine Journey | Creating a Morning Routine

  1. Happy Panda December 1, 2021 / 11:27 pm

    I have this terrible habit of laying in bed for a whole hour after waking up (I am an early riser) – it’s so hard to leave the bed. I’ve been trying to change that habit but it’s so hard. 🙈 I even keep my phone on my dresser so I am forced to leave bed but I usually just pick it up and get back into bed. 🙈 I hope I change this habit in the coming months.

    Great post!! Making your bed feels really good – I don’t know why.

    Liked by 2 people

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