Quick and Easy Skin Care Routine | My Skin Care Routine

Today I wanted to share my quick and easy skin care routine. I am a firm believer that the simpler something is the better it is. Now this is not always the case but I tend to stick to habits and routines better when they are simple. I like my life simple yet effective. As I have gotten older my skin care routine has done the same.

There are thousands of different skin care brands and skin care products. So much so that it can become overwhelming. This cream, that serum, this moisturizer, this new trendy product. It is all too much! I have seen many older women who have beautiful skin and they usually have a simple yet effective routine that they have been using for years. They do not try all the new trends or need a ton of products. I have been guilty of having too many products, so much so that I can’t use them all. On top of that when you switch them up so much you do not know how effective they truly are. So let’s talk about building a simple and quick skin care routine. Please note I am not a dermatologist or skin care expert. This is just what works for me and how I take care of my skin. Maybe you will find it helpful.

There can be many steps to a skin care routine but I focus on three main areas and sometimes four.

STEP #1 Cleansing – washing your face

STEP #2 Exfoliate – remove dead skin cells. I do this step about once a week.

STEP #3 Toning – balancing your skin

STEP #4 Moisturizing – hydrating your skin

Know your skin type

Dry – Skin appears flaky, dull, dry and stretched. Prone to fine lines and wrinkles.

Oily – Skin appears shiny and greasy. Prone to blackheads and pimples.

Combination – Oily t-zone. Cheeks and other areas appear dry.

Know your goals

What are you trying to accomplish? Is your goal to clear up pimples and acne? Are you trying to prevent signs of aging? Or are you trying to create balance in your skin?

Be patient and consistent

If you are constantly switching up products then you have no way of knowing if they actually work. It can take a few months to see changes from using a product. So give them a few months before trying something different.

Morning skincare routine

A few months ago I was given a sample of moisturizer from the brand Mele and I was instantly hooked. I loved the product. So much so that when it came time for me to get a new cleanser and toner I knew exactly what I wanted. Once I am in the market for a new moisturizer I will be switching to their brand.

Mele cleanser and toner
Morning routine products

STEP #1 Mele gentle hydrating cleansing gel

A little bit of this goes a long way. I only use a dime size amount and it lathers beautifully and smells amazing. I rinse it off with warm water. This cleanser leaves my face smooth, refreshed and balanced.

STEP #2 Mele even tone post cleanse tonic

A non-stinging gentle exfoliating toner that helps fade dark spots and even out skin tone. I add a couple drops onto a cotton pad and sweep it across my face.

STEP #3 Bliss vitamin C and pro collagen moisturizer

This is a nice creamy thick moisturizer that does not clog my pores. It brightens my skin and keeps it soft. I like the smell and texture of the cream and it works great.

STEP #4 (optional) Origins ginzing refreshing eye cream to brighten and depuff

I like to use an eye cream but do not think they are necessary. This one works great for me because I get dark puffy eyes. This one brightens and depuff. It leaves a nice glow under my eyes. I work as a nurse and wear a mask all day at work so I have been avoiding makeup so I break out less. This is a great way to make me look awake and lively.

Night skin care routine

My night routine is also very simple. I use the same cleanser and toner and the only thing that changes is the moisturizer but eventually even that will be the same.

Night skin care routine

STEP #1 Mele gentle hydrating cleansing gel

STEP #2 Mele even tone post cleanse tonic

STEP #3 Boots ingredients retinol night moisturizer

This moisturizer is light on my skin and does not cause irritation. It absorbs nicely and I wake up with my skin moisturized and smoother. I do enjoy having a separate morning and evening moisturizer but may eventually switch back to using the same one day and night. This product improves my skin’s elasticity and helps with the appearance of my skin’s tone.

Optional skin care products

These are products I use often but not on a daily basis. I do not consider them to be a part of my normal skin care routine.

Make up remover: The only makeup product I use daily is mascara. My normal cleanser removes my mascara and works great. When I do wear more makeup I like to use a makeup remover before I cleanse. I always have Ponds cold cream on hand for this exact purpose. It is gentle and hydrating. I also currently have Nudestix makeup melt which works great also but burns my eyes. So that is a product I would not necessarily recommend.

Exfoliate: I like to exfoliate my face once a week to remove dead skin cells and refresh my face. I only do this once a week because if I do it more often my skin becomes oily and breaks out. I currently am using Believe Beauty exfoliating in shower face mask. It works well and does not dry out my skin.

What is your skin care routine like? Do you keep it simple and quick or do you have many steps? I would love to hear your process and your favorite holy grail products that keep you looking beautiful.

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