Ghouls, Goblins & Witches | Halloween Weekend Recap

Thought I would be a little creative with the blog title…seems appropriate since this past weekend was Halloween! Did you do anything fun? Take your kids trick or treating? Attend a party? Or maybe just relaxed at home and handed out candy?

My husband and I have the same routine every Halloween and I love it! We do the traditional pumpkin carving. My husband always makes the best pumpkin seeds! This year we only had three pumpkins but they were big and produced a ton of seeds. We then proceeded to try a new bottle of wine and go to town on eating the seeds. I swear my husband always make them just right! Not to mention the wine was amazing! We always then light the pumpkins with some candles and watch some appropriate shows. Those shows are always the same and they include Charlie Brown’s The Great Pumpkin and Garfield’s Halloween. I literally have them memorized at this point but we can not break tradition!

Saturday my husband an I had plans go meet up with a friend of ours and have dinner at a bar. After dinner we planned to hang around for the Halloween festivities πŸŽƒ I made reservations for a restaurant but when we got there we could not find parking. The whole town was packed and insane. So we bailed and went to another location. The place we went to had live music and even had a costume contest. My friend, Chelsea won third place so we ended up getting free drinks and she got a gift certificate. Not bad for a night that did not go as planned. It was an overall quiet but fun night.

Halloween this year fell on a Sunday and in my development trick or treating is always on Halloween day no matter when it falls. So we handed out candy and just relaxed.

Happy Halloween πŸŽƒ

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