What I’m Wearing On Vacation

Are you the type of person to plan out your outfits when you go on vacation? Or do just throw a bunch of clothes into a suitcase and hope for the best? If you are like me then you try to plan but you do not plan well and you end up with too many shoes and clothes and none of it gets used. Well this time I am doing things a little differently.

I have a mini vacation coming up and I am over the idea of over-packing and focusing on planning out each outfit and being more minimalist with what I bring. I think the term minimalism is different for everyone and my idea of it is bringing what I know I will need and will be able to use.

So this weekend I took a few moments and picked out an outfit for each day. My plan is as the vacation gets closer then I will check the weather and adjust as needed. Since it is Fall, I am focusing on longer sleeves and cozy outfits but plan to bring a few short sleeve shirts just in case it is warm. This is what I came up with for my mini vacation. Oh and case you are interested we are going on an extended weekend getaway that involves driving so I do not need much. I also have been wanting a new pair of white sneakers (because who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day). I found an adorable pair at Walmart and they will be the only shoes I am bringing.

Day 1: Pull over from Abercrombie, jeans and sneakers

Since I will be spending hours in the car I want to be comfortable. Also, please do not mind my hair and face. I took these photos so I can use them for reference only not to look like a model.

Day 2: Depending on the weather this will either be Day 2 or 3. Black dress from Amazon, over-sized cardigan and sneakers.

I have had this black dress from Amazon for over a year and have never worn it because I felt uncomfortable in it. Since I have lost weight it fits much better and it is time to break out of my comfort zone and wear the dang dress. Plus, I feel amazing in it now and I think I look good. (Toot my own horn).

Day 3: I might switch this with Day 2 depending on weather. I love this checkered vest and it screams Fall. Pairing it with black jeans and white sneakers.
Day 4: Simple and basic for the car ride home. Long sleeve shirt with jeans and white sneakers.

So these are the clothes I have picked out along with a few short sleeve shirts just in case it is warm but I am hoping for the crisp fall weather! Fingers crossed. How do you plan out your outfits for a vacation?

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