Life Update

Hey, Hi, how are you? 👋🏾 It has been a while since I last posted an actual blog post and time has gone by fast. Thought I would jump on here and update you (if you care) where I have been. To be honest I just have not been feeling typing or blogging and my passion died there for a while but for good reasons.

About three weeks ago my town was hit by hurricane Ida. By the time it hit our area it was a tropical storm so I can not imagine the amount of damage and pain it caused to the areas it hit as a hurricane. My town and the surrounding area was hit hard. There was massive flooding, tornado’s and lives lost. My family was blessed. My home and my families homes had no damage and everyone was safe. Unfortunately, many around us where not so lucky. The worst that happened to my home was we lost power for a few days. Sadly, a few homes in my development had a massive fire the day after the storm due to improper generator use. It was so sad to stand by and watch families lose their homes to a fire. I can say it gave me an awakening. How blessed I am that we are safe and I have my family which is the most important thing in my life. I had no desire to post about my favorite products or what I was loving that month because those things do not matter in life. My desire was gone to post such superficial things.

This week I even took it one step further….. I spend so much time on social media scrolling, staring, idolizing others. People, myself included feel the need to share and post everything because we feel entitled. The ultimate goal for many people to post on social is for attention and validation. A world where we base our value off of how many likes we get, how many comments we get, all to feed our egos. What makes anyone of us more important or special then the next person? Nothing. Social media is a place where someone posts something and if you disagree with them they get butt hurt and take offense. Where people try to keep up with trends and fads and everything is an advertisement and fake. I am so guilty of this on so many levels. So what did I do? I deleted my social media apps from my phone. No I did not delete my accounts I just took them off my phone. I need a break. I have taken breaks from social media in the past but have always gone back within a few weeks. I want this time to be different. I want to discover a new world away from social media. I want to build stronger relationships with my real friends and family. I decided to even start blogging again. I figure this will be my outlet. So do not go looking for me on social media because I will not be there. Lets see how this goes.

Lets see what else. I am still doing weight watchers but have made some changes. I was paying for meetings (which I never actually attended) I would go get weighed in and that was all I did. I decided to switch to digital because I am so close to my goal and it will save me money. My personal weight goal is 145 pounds. Weight watchers wants me to hit 141 pounds and that would qualify me for lifetime but I have issues with that so I am not focused on that anymore. I have two more pounds to go until I hit my goal!

So that is my update and that is all for now. I look forward to getting back to blogging and focusing my time on more productive things. Maybe I will learn a new skill. I think I am going to have a lot of time on my hands since I will not be mindlessly scrolling.

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