Picking My Goal Weight & Changing My WW Plan

I always just thought I would make my weight goal whatever weight watchers told me. Last week while weighing in the leader asked me what my goal was for myself. I never really thought about it because I was shooting for the weight they wanted me to be at and thought I would go from there. I even contemplated losing more weight than their goal for me.

Picking My Personal Goal Weight

So back to my goal weight because it has been a struggle for me to decide. Weight watchers bases weight off the BMI chart which is so outdated and does not take into account a persons body composition. I am 5’3″ but I have hips and look like I weight less than I actually do. That being said I also understand why they use the BMI chart but for many people I don’t think its a great way to base a goal weight.

At my last two weigh-ins the topic has come up about what my goal is because I am down 26 pounds. Weight watchers high end of the goal for me is 141 pounds and the low is 113 pounds. I have had a personal goal of wanting to hit lifetime. In order to do that I would have to hit 141 pounds and maintain it for six weeks. After those six weeks if I can maintain then I would hit lifetime. From there I would be required to weigh in once a month and I can not go above 143 pounds. I am sure this is possible and many people have done it but for me it seems unrealistic and stressful.

I don’t want to be on Weight Watchers for the rest of my life. I am actually already getting tired of counting points. So I decided my own personal weight goal is 145 pounds. Once I hit that weight I would have lost 30 pounds. I am happy with that weight and because of my body composition I think it is a healthy weight for me to maintain. I know my numbers are super close to what WW wants but I don’t want the pressure. Weight Watchers has been a great helpful tool. It has helped me develop healthy eating habits and learn what to eat and what I need to limit. I will continue to use the tools I have learned but I do not want to be on weight watchers forever. I want to use what I have learned, eat intuitively, keep the weight off but not over stress about if I gain more than 2 pounds.

Changing My Weight Watchers Plan

My weight this week at my weigh in was 149.4 pounds. Since I do not plan on hitting lifetime and I don’t want to count points forever I decided to make a switch. I switched my plan from meeting to digital only. I want to see if I can hit my goal weight without going to weekly weigh ins. I never stayed for the meetings anyway. Plus, if I feel like I need it again I can always switch back. Also, I will be saving $30 a month by just doing online. I will continue to weigh in once a week and log my weight. I am 4 pounds away from hitting my goal! Let’s see how this goes! I have the tools and the knowledge so time to hit my goal weight!

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