Jewelry, Nursing Must Haves, House Cleaning | August 2021 Favorites

This month has gone by so fast and I can not believe it is almost over. Yet, here we are again and it is time for my monthly favorites. I have a lot of products this month that I am really loving and I am excited to share them with you.

Custom Paw Jewelry. I actually shared this brand last month and I was so obsessed. I had to get my hands on a necklace with my puppies name and paw print. So I purchased one! I was surprised because it took a long time to get in the mail but I love it! I highly recommend the brand. I realized the product comes from China so it takes a long time for shipping but you will love the finished product.

Crave Naturals Brush. I was long overdue for a new hair brush. My previous brush was on it’s last leg. I found this brand on Amazon. I like the curve of the handle because it is very ergonomic. It glides through my hair easily when it is either wet or dry. Plus, it comes in many colors like pink so that is always a plus.

Not Your Average Scrub Cap. This beautiful handmade scrub cap is from a small business owner and fellow nurse! How exciting and awesome is that! I made a whole dedicated blog about the purpose of wearing a scrub cap and a review of this brand! I am loving this cap and think it is a great accessory to my daily outfit.

Why Nurses Wear Scrub Caps | Featuring NYA Scrub Caps

Microfiber Hair Towel. I have been seeing these towels all over the place and have been wanting to try one. I was at TJ Maxx and they had a ton of them so I picked one up. These towels are great because microfiber absorbs water with ease and they do not damage hair. They are made of smaller fibers so they do not snag or tangle hair.

Stoggles. Another nursing accessory that I am loving this month! These are such an amazing product! It is PPE but fashionable! These goggles are stylish, provide protection with side and top shields, anti-fog and blue light protection. They are so cute and I will be wearing them all the time.

Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner Machine. I was sitting on the floor snuggling with Millie one day and noticed how dirty my carpet was. I instantly started looking at carpet cleaning machine and came across this one on Target. It was on sale and has good reviews so I purchased it! I am so glad I did because it did such a great job! The water it sucked up was so brown and gross. My carpets are now brighter and look clean!

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