Why Nurses Wear Scrub Caps | Featuring NYA Scrub Caps

Disclaimer: A gifted partnership with NYA Scrub Caps. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Nurses and many healthcare professionals wear items such as scrubs, gloves and other forms of protective wear, so why not a scrub cap? Scrub caps keep hair out of the face, protect hair strands from falling onto surfaces and protect both the patient and the nurse.

Often times when we think of scrub caps our brains automatically think of someone working in the operating room. They are used for hygiene and protection purposes. Today more then ever you may notice nurses and other healthcare professionals wearing them all over! Here are some reason they are worn.

Scrub caps are an important part of protecting patients and nurses. They protect the patient from having hair strands fall onto sterile surfaces and transmitting germs. They protect the nurse by keeping hair out of your face and preventing someone from grabbing at your hair. A patient maybe confused and scared and grab for anything within reach. It is safer to keep the hair back and out of the face. Caps also protect the hair from splashes and getting spoiled by unknown substances and body fluids.

Less Stress Over Hair
I like to keep my hair simple for work. A braid, pony tail or bun that keeps the hair out of my face. Scrub caps make it even easier. Just throw it on over your hair and your ready in minutes. No thought required.

Show Your Personality
There are so many designs and styles available to choose. You can easily show off your personality and style with your scrub cap. Share your love of animals, fashion and prints. Or keep it simple with plain colors. Either way you will be stylish and show some of your own personality. You may even start a great conversation with a patient.

Now that you know why nurses wear scrub caps lets talk about where you can find some great ones! The scrub cap featured in this post was handcrafted by a small business, Not Your Average Scrub Caps! So I would love to share a little about the creator behind the brand. Ciara is a Registered Practical Nurse from Toronto, Canada. She had a desire to bring color and personality to her scrub attire and found that the caps were great conversation starters with her patients. It also has been helpful with taming hair and with all the personal protective equipment that is now required. She realized that an important part of her interaction with patients was facial and this is where the patients look for an encouraging smile during the uncertain and often scary time in their life. All her caps are designed with the nurse in mind. They have an elastic backing and your bun can fit under the cap. All caps come with buttons on both sides so it can hold your mask while protecting your ears. I love this beautiful lavender cap! I have thick hair and it fit perfectly! So no worries if you have thick or long hair. Check out her links below for some more beautiful handmade designs.

Check out her shop and social media accounts below:
NYA Scrub Caps Website

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