Weight Loss Update, Walks & Relaxing|Weekend Recap

Another weekend is complete. Weekends go way to fast! Did you have a good weekend? Do you like to be productive or do you like to keep your weekends relaxed?

On Friday my husband and I decided to grab takeout from the Olive Garden. It can be hard to find foods that fit into my diet because on weight watchers I have to count points. I opted for the grilled chicken margherita. It was a total of 9 points on my program. I gave my bread sticks to my husband but I did eat the salad. I used the small container of salad dressing and did not use the croutons or cheese that came with the salad. I highly recommend this meal because it was so delicious! A coworker who is also on weight watchers told me about the meal previously and I have been wanting to try it.

Saturday morning I went to my weigh in and was very surprised. I had a feeling I was going to be down because I could feel it. I was down 3.6 pounds for a total of 22 pounds lost. I did hit 20 pounds previously and never got a key ring to celebrate. I am glad I did not get it prior because my weight went back up right after that. Now I feel like it will be more consistent and I can hold the 20 pounds. Saturday as an otherwise quiet uneventful day. We did our grocery shopping then relaxed at home.

Sunday morning we got up and decided to go for a walk around Valley Forge National Park. The trail we usually walk takes us about an hour to walk. It was a beautiful day to walk and it felt good getting some exercise in. We then ran some errands. The previous day I was sitting on the floor with Millie and realized how filthy are carpets are. We decided to pick up a Hoover carpet cleaner which worked wonders on the carpet! We got lucky and got it while it was on sale so we saved $20.00. We then stocked up on some painting supplies because we are painting out basement soon and touching up some other areas of out home. While we were out we grabbed lunch from Jersey Mikes. Neither of us have eaten there before. I had the turkey and provolone #7 which was good but took up 20 points! Thankfully, I walked.

Hoover Carpet Cleaner

I was also happy to have cleaned out my closet and donated some clothes I no longer wanted. My husband even went through some of his clothes. We had a nice pile! A great declutter tip is keep and basket in your closet and place any items in it that you want to get rid of!

2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Update, Walks & Relaxing|Weekend Recap

    • Rebekah Taylor August 18, 2021 / 7:31 am

      Thanks. I’m trying to get better at getting better photos when I’m out and about! Thanks for the comment.


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