WW (Weight Watchers) Snack Review | Part 2

Weight Watchers snack are both tasty and a great way to satisfy your cravings while staying within your points and on track. If you are like me then you love to snack. Raise your hand if you could graze all day! Here is a review of some recent and repeat snacks from the company.

Let’s be honest and start this off by saying weight watchers can be pricey and their snacks are equally as pricey. If you are following their weight loss plan and using the app then you may have noticed what they call Wellness Wins. You earn points for tracking and exercise and you can then redeem those points for products or discounts. I waited until I was able to redeem my points for $15 off any purchase online to purchase these snacks. Little tip for you to save some money if your interested in trying some of their snacks! Now let’s dive into these snacks!

I shared an original review which I will link below. I previously purchased the chocolate peanut butter bars, chocolate pretzel bars, and the chocolate caramel bars. These little bars are great for curbing my chocolate cravings. I still think they lack slightly in flavor but they work enough to satisfy a chocolate craving.

WW (Weight Watchers) low point snacks & review | Are they worth the money?

The first item that was new that I tried was the mint cookie crunch snack bar. I purchased it is a variety pack with some other snack bars I previously tried. I actually really enjoyed these bars and went through them fast. They have a great crunch, refreshing mint flavor with just the perfect amount of chocolate. These are super yummy and I would get them again.

Since writing this post I can not locate this snack anymore on the weight watchers website. No loss to you because honestly they were a disappointment. These are called caramel protein bites. They tasted nothing like caramel and made my jaw hurt when chewing them. They actually tasted like coconut coated nothing. So pass on this one.

The last snack I purchased was their fudge brownie mug cake mix. This is a nice little treat but you need to add either fruit, whipped topping, or chocolate syrup to sweeten it up. The batter is a little dry and has a bitter taste. I like the fact that you can make it fast and it is simple.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Have you tried any of these snacks? Do you have a favorite weight watchers brand snack? Share in the comments.

2 thoughts on “WW (Weight Watchers) Snack Review | Part 2

  1. thisdollhere August 13, 2021 / 8:39 am

    Great review!! I have never tried WW but heard nothing but amazing things! Thanks for sharing your journey, keep up the great work!

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