3 Tips On How To Declutter

We spend a large portion of our lives in our homes and that space should be a place of relaxation, rest and comfort. Our homes can quickly and easily become cluttered with stuff. Decluttering your home is an important part in reducing the stress in your life. I personally love stuff but I like to declutter and as I say “purge” even more. I want my life to be simple and anything in my life has to have a purpose. I like to stay organized and everything has its place. It is always a work in progress.

If you are ready to commit to a declutter then you will need to be realistic with yourself. Are you willing to let go of your material items? How are you doing to determine what goes and what stays?
My personal rules are:
– Have I used the item in the past year?
– Do I really like the product, do I love this product, can I really put it to use or is it sentimental?
– Do I have multiples or something else similar?
– Another great thought process is. One in and one out. Meaning if I bring something new in then something needs to go.
Once you make your rules then you need to determine if you can donate it, give it to someone else who can use it, recycle it, mend it or trash it.

Start with a Clean Home
Before you declutter make sure your home is clean and everything is in its place. Then take out the trash so you can start fresh. Once everything is in its place and your home is clean then start to go through your stuff and decide if you want to keep or get rid of it. If you are like me then it is always easiest to tackle the task with a fresh clean home. It makes the process less overwhelming.

Start Small
Chose a room or a collection. You can start by selecting a bathroom, bedroom, clothing collection or even your shoe collection. Do not overwhelm yourself because if you start out trying to tackle your whole house then you are setting yourself up for failure. Start small and in small sections. Focus on that section and then move onto the next.

Make It Fast & Easy
Create different piles for your different categories. Make it easy and fast. Try to decide as fast as you can what you want to do with the item. If you are struggling with an item then hang on to it longer. Maybe revisit that particular item the next time you declutter. I have put items to the side multiple times because I was not ready yo let go. Do remember those these are material items and they can not bring true happiness. It is okay to let it go. Your different categories can include: keep, recycle, fix or donate.

Here is my most recent declutter pile.
– Shorts because they do not fit and I do not wear them.
-Dress pants that no longer fit.
-A wallet I have not used for over a year. I currently reach for small wallets and purses anymore.
-Bracelets I no longer wear.
-Sandals I have not worn in over a year.
-Beauty supplies. I actually like these products but the colors are not for me and I had similar colors in other palettes or the products would get better use from someone else. I passed a large amount of the products onto my sister.

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