Road Trips & Family | Weekend Recap

This weekend my husband and I packed up, got in our car and drove 611 miles to South Carolina. It took us 10 hours to reach our destination and it was worth every moment. We were heading down South to see my family. My family..and when I say family I mean my mom, sister and nephews all moved to South Carolina. They moved right before the pandemic went into full swing. They had plans to move before the pandemic happened and it put a huge time lapse between us. Thankfully, we have Skype and social media so we can keep in touch but it is not the same. So it has been well over a year since I have seen my family.

So we packed up and took the drive down. Getting down there took us 10 hours and it was long. I drank coffee and two red bulls to stay awake and thankfully I was not even driving. My husband (bless him) did all the driving. We booked a hotel for our stay and I was lucky to get one 5 minutes away from their home. When we finally arrived we took some time to rest and relax. We then headed over and saw my family. It was such a lovely reunion and I missed them so much! It was so odd seeing their new home considering my mom sold my childhood home.

My husband and I gave my mom and sister a small gift. While we were in New Orleans I picked my sister up a mug and my mom a hot plate. My husband also purchased them each candles from a local small business out of North Carolina that we both enjoy. We also bought down some wine. So we popped open a bottle, ordered some pizza and caught up that evening. We also toured the house and their neighborhood.

The next morning my husband and I slept in which we both really needed. When then grabbed breakfast from the Waffle House. We headed back to my moms house and all got in their car and headed to a small town near them and checked out some shops. My sister and I both tried boba tea for the first time. I can not believe I never tried it before. It was delicious and I am going to have to check out different flavors. Later in the evening we grabbed some food from a Mexican restaurant. So delicious! They had margarita flights which were amazing!

On our last day we decided to grab brunch before heading out on the road again. Our time together was short but it was needed! I have never gone so long without seeing my family and it is hard that they are so far away but I know they are happy and the move was needed. So I am thankful for that and I know we will see each other again soon.

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