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Losing weight is a process. Think about how long it took you to put the weight on now think about how much work and how long it will take to get it off. I wanted to share some of my current struggles with you because I think it will be a good way to release some of my stress and motivate me to keep pushing. It is true that this is a journey and a process.

My Struggles

I am going to be completely honest and let you know that I am a little frustrated with myself. Not mad or disappointed but just a little frustrated. The month of July has been a busy one and filled with lots of fun adventures. Those fun times equal being on the go more and eating out more. Pretty much every weekend in this month has been filled with something. It has been an amazing month and I have had so much fun. But with that fun has also been me slacking in my tracking, meal prep and food intake. I feel like I am playing a game of catch up. Eat bad on the weekends and try to make up for it during the week. It worked for a while but it is not working anymore.

This is my most recent weigh in. I was not even mad about my weight gain because I had a feeling it was going to catch up with me. Over the past month my alcohol intake has increased, eatting out has increased. My tracking has decreased and I do not work out on a consistent basis.

My Goals

So this past weekend was my wedding anniversary. So I already knew I was not going to track. My issue comes in when I say I am not going to track one meal then I end up not tracking the whole day. That turns into eating whatever I want and not counting portion sizes when I should be.

So what am I going to do about it? I have decided to start incorporating fitness into my routine. Now I have only done one workout so far so it is not a habit yet but it is a start. My goal is to do a workout 2 days a week. It is not much but I do not want to overwhelm myself. I like to start small and build up because I am more likely to stay committed this way. I love barre so I will do it twice a week and go from there.

My other goals are to track, track, and track. I have a habit of allowing myself to indulge but it turns into over indulging. If I want something not so healthy that is fine but I need to know when to stop. I need to stop using all my extra weekly points in one day on the weekend and get back to spreading them out. I have been going over my points and then trying to play catch up and it does not work. I will also be focusing on my water intake. This month is almost over and this upcoming weekend I have another packed schedule that will revolve around not being able to prep food so much. So this is chance to get focused and make better decisions. I am also putting this out into the universe: My goal is to hit 150 pounds by the end of August 2021.


Stop going wild on the weekends and over indulging.
Workout two times a week.
Focus on water intake.
Hit 150 pounds by the end of August 2021

Are you currently struggling with anything? Lets help lift each other up!

2 thoughts on “Current Struggles & Goals | Weight Watchers

  1. Stephanie Alexandra July 27, 2021 / 11:49 am

    I totally understand what you mean about being consistent with tracking and also with being overwhelmed. I, myself, have gone back to working out this week and I plan to do every other day so I don’t get too overwhelmed and I’m also watching what I eat 😊. Good post and you got this!! 🥳

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rebekah Taylor August 2, 2021 / 7:11 pm

      Thanks so much. It can be hard but once you create a routine it can get easier…I hope.


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