8th Wedding Anniversary Celebration|Weekend Recap

I usually write up these weekend recap posts on Sunday evenings, but I was so tired yesterday and just not in the mood. So, I am typing this up and hitting publish on this lovely Monday morning. Today is officially our wedding anniversary!! Happy eight years of marriage to my amazing husband! I know you do not read my blog (I won’t fault you) but I want the world to know (or at least anybody who takes the time to read this) how much I love you.

So, since out anniversary falls on a Monday we decided to celebrate this past weekend and we started on Friday.


My husband was asked to work Saturday, which is not normal and he decided to pick the shift up. Yes this was our weekend to celebrate but he is going to be missing a few work days coming up so this was a great way to make up the money he would have lost. We already decided we were going to pick up a more expensive wine or champagne to celebrate. Friday evening we ran out and decided on this vintage 2010 Dom Perignon champagne. It was amazing, smooth and delicious. I can see why it is expensive. We enjoyed this after our take out dinner. Classy much?


Saturday was pretty uneventful the whole day because my husband worked but later in the evening we had dinner reservations out our favorite restaurant. This was our second time going to Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse and we both have agreed it is our favorite restaurant now. We went here for Valentines day and it was so amazing. We purchased a bottle of wine, we got a Malbec and Philly cheese steak spring rolls for an appetizer. So delicious! I usually opt for a seafood meal because Bob does not like seafood and dinner out is usually my time to indulge. This time I switched it up and got filet mignon. He got the same thing and we shared two sides of mac & cheese and brocollini. The meal was amazing! After dinner they bought out a little plate with some desserts specifically for our celebration. It was a lovely surprise, but I was waiting for my specific dessert. A dessert I feel in love with the first time I had it (haha can you tell how much I enjoy it?) It is called Affogato and it is made with Stracciatella Gelato, Salted Caramel, Fazenda Cold Brew Coffee, Biscotti and I am obsessed with it.

After dinner we walked around for a little bit and went into the Williams Sonoma store. I picked up this amazing smelling Jasmine & Yuzu potpourri. It smells amazing and I love the way it looks in my home. My husband picked up a decanter.


We did our typical errands like grocery shopping and then grabbed breakfast. This whole weekend was about celebrating and food. So weight watchers kind of went out the door. We took a nice long nap and then just realxed around the house. It was a quiet and relaxing day.

7 thoughts on “8th Wedding Anniversary Celebration|Weekend Recap

  1. Stephanie Alexandra July 27, 2021 / 11:53 am

    Happy anniversary!! Sounds like y’all had a fun time 😊. That dessert looks so good too! Haha

    Liked by 1 person

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