Puppy Supplies, Wine Glasses, Skin Care | July 2021 Favorites & Wish List

Sharing my monthly favorites, but with a twist. Since I try to shop with intention I am not purchasing as many things as I use it. So this month I decided to share some things I love and then sprinkle in some items on my wish list. These are items I either want and will never get or I want and plan to purchase in the future. Happy reading!

Custom Paw Jewelry. I found this brand as I was scrolling through Instagram one day. I was instantly obsessed. That same day a patient came in with the exact necklace I want from the same company. I took it as a sign and placed my order 😜 I love the concept and once I get my paws 🐾 (see what I did there) on it I plan on doing a full review. Sometimes certain products just instantly make me pull out my wallet and this was one of them.

Mele Skincare. I was so hyped when I got to try out this brand. I was sent a sample of the Plump It Up Nourishing Cream and I was instantly hooked. It is thick and melts into the skin. It left my skin dewy, soft and looked beautiful. Once I go through my current stash I will be switching over to this brand.

Wine Glasses. I am no wine expert but I love a good glass of wine. I am in absolutely no need of new wine glasses and will not purchase any but I am loving long stem and different shaped glasses. Maybe one day I will have a nice assortment. For now I will obsess from afar.

The Naked Bee Nag Champa Hand Lotion. My coworker uses this and I tried it out one day. Holy Moly! do I love this scent and lotion. It is very (repeat very) strongly scented but I was instantly drawn to it. It literally engulfs your whole body in its glorious scent and even lasted with multiple hand washes. You can find it on Amazon and I instantly added it to my wish list for a future purchase. *Update* My coworker actually surprised my at work yesterday with this lotion! So sweet of her! Thank you!

SWIHELP Dog Car Seat. I was in need of something for our dog in the car. I did not feel comfortable having her in the back and unsecured. She also would always get car sick so I thought this might be a good way to make her feel more secure. It has been a blessing. She has not gotten sick and she actually sits in it! It has been a win for us. I leave it installed and pop her in when we go on rides. It has an attachment to keep her in place. Only downside is the attachment is long so she can step out of it but for the most part she stays put.

Original Magic Earring Backs. I did a whole dedicated blog post on these earring backings. I tend to gravitate to large stud earrings and they can make my ears droop. These counter the weight and keep my earring and loops from being droopy.

How To Fix Droopy Earrings

Scentered Wellbeing Ritual Mini Balms. If you are into aromatherapy or want to try it out then this is a great way to get started. This tin contains five mini aromatherapy balms that are made from 100% natural essential oils. They include destress, sleep well, focus, escape, happy. This kit came in my Therabox and I will link to that blog post reviewing the box.

Practice Self Care with Therabox | Self Care Subscription Box Review

Whats on your wish list and what are you loving this month?

2 thoughts on “Puppy Supplies, Wine Glasses, Skin Care | July 2021 Favorites & Wish List

    • Rebekah Taylor July 16, 2021 / 11:10 am

      I am so glad you like them! I love doing these types of posts.


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