Dog Essentials Every Dog Owner Needs | Dog Essentials List

women and boston terrier

If you are a new dog owner, congratulations on your new addition to the family. Here are some dog essentials every dog owner needs! This essential product list is a great way to get started on making sure you are ready to bring home your new dog. Use this list to get you started and you can build from here.

women and boston terrier

women and boston terrier

women holding dog

1. Collar/Harness
Every dog needs either a collar or harness. Both can be used to attach identification tags to your dog and for going on walks. Both collars and harnesses come in many different styles, sizes and colors. Make sure you find something that fits your dog properly and is comfortable.

2. Leash
You will want a leash that is sturdy but also comfortable for your hands. There are many options for leashes including retractable leashes. When our dog was a puppy we did not use a retractable because we needed better control over her. We now use a retractable so she can have more space but we can also keep her close.

3. Food & Water Bowls
Your new family member will need to eat and drink! You do not need anything fancy or expensive but should have a bowl that is easy to clean and size appropriate. Depending on your dogs personality there are bowls that can slow down their eating.

4. Food
Now that you have your bowls you will need to feed the dog. If you have a new puppy what you feed them will depend on the breeder. You may have to slowly transition the dog to the food you plan on feeding them. When we bought Millie home we fed her according to the breeders instructions. Now that she is slightly older we feed her Science Diet. I recommend you talk to your vet for food recommendations.

5. Crate
You will need to decide if you want to crate train your dog. Millie is crate trained and it is her personal space. I say it is her bedroom. This is her place to sleep at night and just relax or get away if she wants to. It needs to be viewed as her safe haven and a place she feels safe in. Crates come in many different materials including wood, plastic and wire. The space needs to be big enough so your dog can stand up, turn and move around. They also need to have lots of air flow and visibility for your dog. If you have a new puppy invest in a crate that has a divider. This will be extremely helpful when housebreaking and the crate will grow with the dog.

6. Bed
Unless you plan on having your dog sleep in your bed then I would recommend their own sleeping bed. Even if the dog is crated you will still need a bed. It can even be placed inside the crate once your puppy is potty trained. If your dog is a chewer just be cautious because they may destroy the bed. I would not invest in anything expense or fancy until your dog has calmed down and does not destroy things.

7. Gate
It will take your dog a while to understand learn the house rules. This includes places that are off limits or areas that may cause harm. Gates are a great way to create boundaries and help protect your little one from danger.

8. Poop Bags
Always be prepared and carry poop bags with you. You never know when and where it can happen. If you have a backyard invest in a poop scooper, otherwise you need to carry poop bags with you. Do not be that person that allows your dog to poop and not pick it up!

9. Toys
There is nothing like spoiling your dog with new toys and all puppies want to do is sleep, eat, poop and play! If you have a new puppy you will need to invest in chew toys for teething. There are also treat toys that promote mental stimulation and help keep your dog busy.

10. Treats
Just like toys your dog will love treats. This is a great way to reward your dog for good behaviors and also feel free to spoil them a little. Pick treats that are high quality and safe for your dog. I like to get dental sticks for my little girl. This way she is getting a treat and keeping her teeth clean. Make sure you are picking age appropriate treats for your dog.

11. Stain Remover
Accidents happen, even when your dog is potty trained. Keep a carpet cleaner on hand just in case. This way you can clean up the accident quickly.

12. Puppy Pads
Housebreaking a puppy is a process and will take lots of patience. I personally have never needed to use puppy pads but they are very popular. These pads are very absorbent and can help make the process easier.

13. Grooming Supplies
Just like you needs to clean up so does your dog. Keep a little basket full of grooming supplies handy so you can keep your dog smelling fresh and clean. I personally keep a odor spray, nail clippers, brush, shampoo and Millie even has her own tub.

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